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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mix and Match Fabrics a pro

Give your home a polished and coordinated look with these design tips.

1.  Establish your palette.  It's important to have one fabric in the space that pulls it all together.  So look for a pattern that includes all of the colours in the room. Could be used as drapes or pillows - that doesn't matter so much just as long as it is there.  See below, how the upholstered dining chairs link the trim and wall colour plus the floral also makes a connection with the art display

2.  Layer Patterns with Pillows.  I love to do this in model homes that I style, it shows personality.  Mix patterns and colours that work well together o you can combine them in different ways throughout the space without  interrupting the scheme.  I even like to have custom pillows made with one pattern on one side and another on the other side, any easy trick to get two pillows for the price of one! Here we have a calming set up with a fresh palette and Ikat pillows and a pop of yellow

3. Add interest with trim.  The difference is in the details.  A band at the base of a sofa skirt adds polish or try a trim of nail heads along the seams of a dining chair or armchair it adds some bling and it looks more sophisticated. they added a touch of personality to this basic sofa with a teal trim which coordinates with the colour palette and adds some really pop!


4. Repeat pattern for consistency. You don't want too many patterns in a room, especially on large pieces of upholstery - it starts look crazy!  Use your curtain fabric on a small ottoman or chair to create a connection between the window and the seating area. Here we see a great mix of patterns, stripes and floral traditional and classic style.  You can see how the bed frame and the roman shade are in the same fabric.

5.  Ground the room with solids.  You need solid to create a foundation.  I like solids on the bigger furniture pieces like sofas.  solid are a great back drop for the patterns but they also allow the lines of the piece to be highlighted and appreciated. Plus they have more longevity in terms of style.  A cream sofa will remain in style a lot longer than a patterned one. In this image, we see a great basic sofa with bold colour, patterned pillows and an area rug.


6.  Use a range of scales and styles.  Choose a mix of large and small scale designs and a variety of patterns.  Yes, you can mix florals, stripes and plaid.  stay with colours that are complementary but don't feel tied to having an exact colour match.  One pattern needs to stand out more than the other, see the image below - the orange floral is bold and really makes a statement and the blue stripe is more subtle but complimentary.

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