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Monday, September 2, 2013

Keeping it Family Friendly

When you move into a home with your family, you have so many ideas and dreams of how you want the space to look but...will it work with your lifestyle?

I believe you can use any decor style(contemporary, traditional, country, modern and more)  in a family home but just be smart about where to spend, where to save and what will work plus a few easy tips; and you can still have a stylish home for the whole family.

Yes!  a family home can be stylish, too!

In the dining room, if this is a space that you plan on having family meals - I would opt not to have a area rug.  Why? Because you will be forever cleaning it, so keep the floor bare and appreciate the beauty of your flooring.  This will save you time and energy and maybe once the kids are older and less messy, you can introduce a rug into the space.


For the dining chairs, again if this is a space that your children will be eating in - think about your chairs.  Are they upholstered? If so, what is the fabric?  In my dining room, my husband and I purchased some leather dining chairs although we would have preferred a softer textile, the leather is so much easier to clean (just a damp cloth and bingo!  Done) And in our eat-in kitchen we purchased some (easy to clean) metal chairs from Urban Barn.  They look great, fit in our budget and most of all can easily be cleaned!  Perfect for a family home

For area rugs, I like to purchase rugs of natural materials like a sisal because again it can handle traffic, be cleaned easily and it wears well plus it looks great with neutral palettes.  But if natural woven rugs aren't your thing I'd look for mid to darker tones in a pattern again it can hide spills more easily than something light.  With younger children, look for economical options that are stylish - there's a good chance these rugs will need to be replaced in the future so don't blow the bank. And always read the care instructions to know how to clean otherwise your dry cleaning bill could be outrageous!


Look for stores that allow trial runs and have a return policy.  This will help you to avoid costly mistakes.   It can be tough to see how a piece will look in your space until it's actually in the space.  You need to find what works for you and yes, it requires some patience but it will be worth it!

Don't rule out custom pieces.  space is always a premium and you always want to make the most of it.  Not every custom piece will blow the bank so be smart and shop around.  If you know you will be in the home for quite a while, the custom option might be the best option if it allows you to make the most of your space.  Pieces that offer double or triple duty are often custom made and the fact that they serve multiple purposes is worth the extra cost and wait. A perfect sectional sofa with a sleeper is a worthwhile wait and expense.

Don't be afraid to personalize pieces like hand-me downs.  We all have them, even when we are at a point in our lives where we have a career and kids we still have hand-me downs but sometimes just a bit of creativity can take a so-so piece to the next level.  Paint, new hardware, fabric and maybe even stone can make a world of difference.  Ask for some professional assistance and your piece can have a whole new life.

Work with what you have.  Try re-purposing things even if they aren't your favourite - it gives you a new look and for free.  Sometimes a new location gives it a new life or instead of buying all new, just add to it.  Let's say you have some old boring beige bedding, add a richer or more colourful set of pillows and a throw to change the look for less.

Budget tips:

- look online for discounts on high end pieces.,, are some great places to start.  You can also find unique pieces on

- if you have found a number of items at one online store, put them in your basket and wait a while you will like after 24 hrs receive an email from the company offering you a discount of those items in your basket

- art doesn't need to be expensive.  Try framing your own photographs or your children's art in some frame with over sized mattes to give it an elevated look. Plus I love photos of my kids and their art pieces in their bedrooms and rec room, they are so proud to see their art on display!

So where to spend? 
Spend on  classic cabinetry (not necessarily formal) if you are renovating pick a stain or colour and style of cabinet that won't be seen as trendy, same goes for the counter and tile.  If you have it in your budget, go with a stone counter top.  Keep it neutral, too

Spend on a lighting design and the lighting fixtures.  Making sure you have plenty of light when you need and want it and always use dimmer switches.

Spend on quality paint, it shows better and lasts longer.  And usually you end up spending just as much on cheap paint if not more.

Furniture that is made of real materials so a solid wood bookcase or trunk will always be worth it and as you move around it will hold up and can be used in many different areas of the home.

Remember if you love something, furniture, mirror, fabulous art piece you can spend a bit more because you will always make room for it.

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