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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Farmhouse Kitchen Style

It seems like we are getting back to basics when it comes to home renovations and design style.  We are turning back to 'simpler times' for inspiration and for the kitchen especially - it is the heart and soul of the home - so not only should it look beautiful but it should also be functional. 


If you are considering a farmhouse kitchen renovation in your home, here are the essentials in a farmhouse kitchen -

1.  A generous sized island.  Sp practical for serving and for prepping.  Stock the island with an over sized sink, dishwasher, microwave shelving ,open or glass shelving and don't forget seating.   The kitchen island is always the 'hang out' in the space so going bigger is something you will not regret. 

2.  Storage.  If you have some odd corners consider custom cabinetry for more storage, these spaces are perfect for storing entertaining essentials like extra stemware, table linens and stoneware.  You can customize these pieces to look like old farmhouse style freestanding furniture with upper glass panel doors with mullions and long drawers.

3.  A Warm Colour Palette.  when we think of southern living and farm tables we think warm and welcoming.  So make the colour palette warm - you can still use darker tones but aim for subtle contrast as high contrast in this style of kitchen is a bit harsh.


4.  Simple Cabinetry.  Shaker style, bead board details and v-groove give enough detail but stay true to the 'simpler time' look.  The farmhouse kitchen is usually a large one so a lot of detail can look too busy in the space. 

5.  A functional layout.  In this style of kitchen, the placement of everything is straightforward so that it all works in harmony.  Even though a kitchen is large you still do not want any wasted space, always consider the work triangle.

6.  Symmetry.  The cabinets, pendants and counter top configuration from one side of the kitchen to the other need to be as close to exact matches as possible.  Oh course, there will be some different elements (like what is actually on the counter top) but keep size, scale and balance in mind.  The eye is naturally attracted to symmetry, so trust yourself if you feel like something is off balance.

7.  Paneled Appliances.  Remember a 'simpler time' is key.  So you can still have multiple (Big family? Consider two dishwashers and two ovens) and/or sized appliances but consider paneling the refrigerator and other appliances like the dishwasher in panels that match the cabinetry - it gives a seamless look in the kitchen

8.  Hardwood floors.  Hardwood in the kitchen is such a warm look, the stain and the natural material brings the farmhouse into the kitchen, the wider the plank the more authentic it will look.  Other great options, if you love the look of natural wood - butcher block counter top on the island or barn beam legs for the island. 

Remember, if this farmhouse kitchen is just too country or too southern living for you - you can always take elements of the style and make them more modern.  An over sized island with sleek cabinetry in bright white or a pop of bright colour and a caeserstone counter top is fabulous!

Or, a functional layout and symmetry work for all styles of kitchens.  And customizing odd areas of your home with storage options is always practical.

You can always work with the basics and put your own spin on it!

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