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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Art of Display

Life is so much simpler when everything is in it's place.  Living easily with treasured and found items and everyday ones, too - requires organization and imagination.  Elevating treasured items draws more attention to them.  Display should not be measured by worth.  If an object brings back fond memories or just makes you smile, put it out for your enjoyment.

1.  Tradition would suggest that only certain things should be displayed in certain rooms.  I suggest you break that rule. 

2.  Rely on your instincts.  You know what you like.  You know 'what's you' and the eye is naturally attracted to balance and can tell when something is off.

3.  The displays that make the most impact are those that apply repetition and have a relationship with you.

a. Repetition of shape or same items creates a lot of visual interest and elevates the look of the objects in the display.

b. Collecting things to display is a great way to show off your personality, your interests and what or whom is important to you. 

c.  Colour.  There is no rule when it comes to colour.  a display in an all-white them is a great way to show off texture but still having a clean and unified look.  But pops of colour add visual interest to the space.  Grouping together like colours looks chic and expensive but it's easy and affordable

d.  Everyday items like kitchen tools and books are easy to display ad look great when they are paired with purely decorative items - it balances out the display.

Use display to make your home feel the way you want it to.  Anything can be displayed in anyway you like.  Gallery walls are also in the display category.  This is a great way to show off a photography collection, family photos or your art collection. 

Monogram Wall. I want this in my house!!

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