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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cheap Chic - Tips for decorating on a budget

 I love helping my clients out anyway I can.  Here are some questions that I'm asked fairly often

Can you share your favourite budget decorating tips?

Best tip - don't be a snob when it comes to decorating your space.  You can find amazing objects that speak to you know matter where you go to shop.  Personalization is the key to good decor.  I have frames family photos in my family room in cool contemporary frames in a gallery style arrangement.  In my dining room, I have a blend of a harvest table with steel legs, leather parson chairs and a mix of old and modern art. In my powder room, I have some very abstract art painted by an Elephant hanging above my towel bar. Regardless of what space you are designing in your home, the first element should be things that reflect who you are.  Your home should tell your story and the way you do that is through your things.  they show where you've been, who you love (or loved) and who you aspire to be.

pretty pops of color

Any advice for entertaining on a budget?

Entertaining can be intimidating but I think simple is best.  Setting the table can really set the scene.  It doesn't have to be formal.  For Thanksgiving this year, I plan to dress my table with craft paper (perfect for the kids and spills) it gives a relaxed feel.  I also have an over sized bowl with fall gourds. Woven placements, simple cream napkins, mason jars for water, and votive candles to set the casual but festive mood.  If you aren't a great cook or juts don't have the time - don't be afraid to host a potluck just be sure to organize it so you don't have 3 sweet potato casseroles!  Be sure to create a relaxed and inviting space with lots of seating - food and wine!


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