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Friday, October 11, 2013

Industrial Style At Home

Is a style that has really derived from the streets.  It isn't a design style that is considered a true style that you study in design school.  It really grew from function and has a truly utilitarian vibe. Rough and angular Industrial style became especially popular around 1960's, when young artists started reconstructing the abandoned factory spaces for their art performances. Later these spaces, so-called “lofts”, were transformed to the living spots, which costs were sometimes unreasonably high. Nowadays you can easily make your condo look like styled-up workshop.

Why is this style so popular? The high ceilings, the open spaces, the over sized windows, the character, the hardwood, the concrete and the exposed are the elements that add so much character to the look.  It has a lot of masculinity but with the right touch you can add a lot of female flair to the space to have a gender balanced living area.

You don't have to live in a transitional loft building to embrace the Industrial style.  If you are a fan of this edgy style, there are easy ways to incorporate this look into your space.

1.  Add texture to your room.  think rough metals with character, warm and worn wood with lots of grain (not too slick).  Rough angular edges not round. 


2.  Industrial style puts function not fashion first.  So gets used to exposed piping and venting in the ceiling,  and make it work with your design.  But if you don't have the elements of industrial loft living in your space, you can either get creative and add a brick wall or beams but another great way is lighting.  Look for patina and caged fixtures. Also check out Edison light bulbs - they really add to the Industrial look and the light they give off is incredible.

3. Mix it up.  Don't stick to just one style and have every item looking 'industrial' the effect will get lost.  Try pairing up industrial chic pieces with other styles like modern, contemporary, rustic and traditional.  The possibilities are endless.  Industrial pieces can look very masculine so I like to balance it out with some feminine shapes and textures for instance.


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