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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Budget Friendly Bathroom Updates

We use the bathroom everyday and if you live in an older home, like I do, you really do notice the age of your home in the hot spot areas like the bathroom and kitchen - the faucets, the finishes, the colours, materials and more can really age a space but if you don't have the desire or budget for a full renovation job, check out these easy updates that can really bring your bathroom up to speed.

1 - Replace that ugly faucet especially if it is brass.  Opt for something simple and clean in a chrome finish.  It's an instant face lift for the whole room. It's a relatively easy fix but if you don't have a clue, call a pro. Be sure to pick the faucet that matches the number of holes you currently have.

2. Granite, stone and quartz are stunning but that beauty comes with a price.  If you love the look but can't pay the price look into having your current counters resurfaced with 1/4 inch veneer of granite
Rachel Reider Interiors  Beautiful bathroom with gray double sink vanity accented with nickel hardware and white marble coun...:

3.  Jazz up those mirrors.  Replace the boring and plain mirrors that came with your home with a framed version.  Try local home decor stores for some inexpensive options.  They really give the bathroom a more custom look

Bathroom Vanity. Timeless Bathroom Vanity Design. #Bathroom #Vanity #Interiors:
4. Ugly floor? Tiling is a messy job and the cost might not be in your budget.  Look for an over sized rug with some pattern or texture for the space.  It is perfect for when you step out of the tub plus it will distract the eye and be the focal point on the floor.

5.  In the 1980's we saw a lot of 'almond' or 'bisque' tone tubs, toilets and sinks.  You can have the tub and sink re-glazed in a pure white.  Replace the toilet for a more efficient one you can find very affordable options plus it will help you bills in the long run.  I've done this is my current home and wow, it really brightens up the room and makes it look fresh and clean.

Airy bathroom with white silver clawfoot bath tub:

6. Try paint.  spruce up the space with a paint job.  Be sure to pick a colour that suits the feel you want - too bright can be jarring and too cold is exactly that.  I like lighter soothing tones in a bathroom.

7. Don't forget the hardware.  If you have updated your faucets you really should do the same for your knobs and handles.  Opt for the same or similar finish to the faucet. and a simple style is best - this is a very DIY that only takes less than an hour.

 Christopher Lowell says:"Christopher Lowell Hardware is the jewelry of a room that can update, accessorize and draw the eye away from what you don't want to focus on--just like on people. Who knew?"

8.  Accessories are an easy update with no mess.  Shower curtain, soaps, plant, art and a beautiful vase are small pieces that make a big impact in any room.

9.  Don't forget the lighting.  Often we only see light fixtures over the vanity - look for one where there are multiple heads and ones that can be directed to fill the room with light

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