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Friday, November 29, 2013

Creative Christmas Colour Concepts

The snow is on the ground, the countdown is on and the spirit is in the air...Christmas is coming to town! Decorating to celebrate the season is so much fun!
If you will be hosting some parties this season or just want to surround your space with the holiday spirit, get creative with some special Christmas colour palettes.

1. Silver and stylish with a bit of tradition
Skip the table coverings and let the sleekness of the wood top - shine!  Add balls and bobbles in clear glass vases for a simple yet effective centerpiece.  Votive candles (unscented) let the light bounce off of the reflective surfaces.

2. Festive Fuchsia.... it's fun and fabulous plus it pairs well with green and white.
This bold and bright hue is a lot of fun, and you don't need a lot to get a impact.  In this image I love seeing some throws and pillows in this bold colour - it isn't strictly seasonal and can be re-used

3. Beautiful blue....brilliant, bold, blue has it all


We have been seeing a lot more blue at Christmas in lights and other decor.  there are many shades to choose from light bold cobalt or  a softer aqua, it's up to you.  Perfect pairing with blue? White and silver

4. Magnificent mauve....modest and modern a new colour for Christmas


This shade is something new we are seeing this holiday season.  A cousin of the Blue family, it works beautifully with silver but for a more sophisticated and even regal look pair it with gold.  You could even layer it with some deep eggplant, too.

5. Ravishing a classic but paired with an aqua blue gives Christmas decor a retro or vintage twist


Look for big and bold red with some shine to pair with a lime green for a modern twist on a classic colour combo or pair with a retro aqua blue it's fun and funky! I love this table setting arrangement, it has a function and fun look.

6. Winter White...bring the inspiration of the outdoors in


I love layering white on white is so clean and soothing.  Plus you can keep this decor up all season, don't forget to add white lights too.  with this colour palette you can go with a modern look or traditional, it's up to you.

7. Pastels, why not?....there's a bit of a Caribbean flair to this palette

This fun and fresh, if you aren't a winter lover this palette will make you sing and think of spring!  This florals and other nature prints and add pops of fresh blue or splashy orange for a little extra kick, don't forget the floral arrangements!

8. Hello, Yellow!....Such a big and bold colour that really makes in impact

A cousin of gold, so yellow can certainly work.  It's modern and totally unexpected but really works with white and silver - so fresh! Plus yellow can easily be re-used in the spring and summer.

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