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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Small kitchen? No problem - Backsplash solutions for a designer look

Tile is a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. And the more you use, especially in smaller spaces, the bigger the design impact. Counter-to-ceiling tile, in fact, is a smart (not to mention beautiful) way to extend the vertical appeal of any kitchen, and it's especially beneficial for smaller ones. When designing a larger kitchen there's usually a longer run of backsplash and tile, and more room to get a sweeping view of the space,in a smaller kitchen, where you're not using as much tile and the counter lengths are shorter, going all the way up the wall to the ceiling where there are no upper cabinets (over a sink, say) allows you to showcase your tile selection, and can add more drama.

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 Croma Express

A Focal Point
Installing counter-to-ceiling tile is great choice for coverage especially because it eliminates the boring wall space because it provides infinite design possibilities. A really gorgeous tile, or an intricate design of tile, is like art. It creates a wonderful point of visual interest

If you splurge on a counter-to-ceiling tile you love, then you could save in other areas of the kitchen. Keep the rest of the kitchen simple, and don't add much more detail to the cabinet faces, countertop or hardware, allow the tile to be the focal point; it will be more powerful that way.

Making a Statement
When used prominently on the walls of your kitchen, tile can make a big impact. Depending on the tile used and the colors and qualities it possesses, tile can create more warmth, more sparkle, more drama, more light or more of a zen feeling. The possibilities are really endless. Think about how to lay your tile: a very modern look is to stack rectangular tiles in a straight up and down grid, another modern and interesting look is to lay a skinny rectangular glass mosaic vertically not horizontally, a brick patter or staggered is a classic but can look really unique if you use an oversized tile and another option with rectangular tiles is a classic herringbone.  So you can have a less expensive tile laid in a unique way to make the backsplash really special.

There are a wealth of colors and styles to choose from so it really depends on your budget and what mood you want to create. Below, the warm, earth-toned tiles make this more modern kitchen feel slightly rustic.

Personally, a kitchen with a boring or no backsplash at all is like seeing a woman in a beautiful dress with no jewelry or make up - it's nice but not WOW!

 Walker Zanger Tile

Keep It Simple
Whether your style is traditional or contemporary or somewhere in between, neutral colors are the best choice if you weigh resale value and design longevity into your decision. Creating a counter-to-ceiling installation is a big design commitment and can be expensive depending on your space and materials. Go with a safe bet like grays and whites, which are hot colors in kitchen design and also work in a variety of decors.


But get creative with the material - glass, marble, tumbled stone are great options that can really transform the look of the kitchen and you can still keep it neutral.  And in a small space, it's best to keep the design streamlined and simple so you're kitchen feels spacious and cohesive. A popular (and always appropriate) choice are subway tiles with their industrial feel.

If you have a small kitchen, don't be afraid to add an expanse of tile. It can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen design, and it's a creative decision that will allow you to express yourself. And that's always a good thing!

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