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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Quick Bathroom Updates

"I am in need of a makeover for my bathroom.  I don't have a big budget so I cannot renovate but I need some quick and easy ideas to freshen up my bathroom."

The bathroom is one of the smallest but also one of the most used rooms in the home.  A renovated bathroom can be costly and time consuming but you definitely have some easy updates that are quick and affordable that can really make a splash!

Try working with the colour scheme in the bathroom instead of against it.  So if you have coloured tile - add some complimentary colour in there.  If you fight with the colour or ignore it - you won't get the end result you want!

Change up the textiles - easy and affordable! So add a new shower curtain and liner, add some new towels too and maybe even a bathmat! Stay from toilet covers...

$110 Bathroom Update | Update and makeover your bathroom inexpensively. Bathroom Decorating ideas and more. on

Add some fresh bling - so switch out your old cabinetry hardware and add some new knobs or handles! This is a quick change but it really makes a difference (this is also a great update for a kitchen). If you are handy, you could even update your towel bar an toilet paper holder.

Kid's Bathroom by A Well Dressed Home, LLC. To read more about this project, please visit:

Switch up your mirror - adding a new mirror with a decorative frame will instantly freshen up your space and give it a custom look and feel without the custom price tag! If your lighting is looking a bit dated (and you are handy) consider updating the lighting as well.

A small band of glass tile is a pretty AND cost-effective backsplash for a bathroom.:

Add some accessories - a plant, some art, candles, new soap dispensers - easy updates that make the space feel and look new again!

 I love how the accessories add a pop of colour. You can change the colours so easily to give the room a new feel:

If you are looking to take it to the next level, consider paint! It's a small space so it would be a quick weekend job but be sure to get the right paint so let the salesperson know that you are painting a bathroom. 

Small Bathroom Remodeling Guide (30 Pics) - Decoholic:

Sprucing up your bathroom is also a great idea if you are considering selling your home.  When we stage bathrooms we like to keep them clean and clutter free but also styled in neutral tones and add some accessories to set the scene.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Bar Cart Trend

Bar carts having been trending for a while now and we love them too!  They are the perfect open and accessible liquor cabinet plus they look chic.  But we love how multi functional the bar cart is!  here are some of our favourite ideas and uses for the bar cart.

1. Bar cart end table.  We love this gold bar cart, so 2016! it's open and airy and just perfect for someone who loves to entertain but we also love how it is being used as an end table in this small space.  Take a closer look the top shelf is styled with flowers and some books - this could be great surface space for coasters too.  The lower portion is used as the bar.

2. Bar cart Coffee station. Short on kitchen space? Love all things coffee? why not add a bar cart and create a coffee station? We love how useful this is plus it looks great.  It's great for entertaining, too! Try wheeling it into the living space for after dinner coffee and desserts.  You can also use the lower shelves for open storage of mugs, dishes and more or try adding some baskets for tea towels or store your pretty cookbooks.

We have a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect tea or coffee station that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Source: A Beautiful Mess:

3. Bar cart bathroom storage. OK a glass of wine in a hot bath is a lovely way to unwind but maybe you don't need a bar cart serving wine and cocktails in your bathroom but here's an idea...try using a bar cart in the bathroom for some extra storage.  This is a great idea if your bathroom is short on space.  Make it pretty and spa like by adding beautiful and plush towels, candles and maybe a plant or just keep it totally functional for everyday items like towels.

Ever thought of putting a bar cart in the bathroom? It’s actually an easy storage solution for organizing towels or toiletries that also adds a chic, spa-like feel.:

 4. Bar cart guest bedroom needs.  Have an out of town guest? Want them to feel at home? We heart this idea! Add a bar cart to the room and stock it with essentials and a few treats.  this adds a bit of a hotel feel but it makes your guests feel welcome and like this space is theirs (even if it is just for a short time)

Guest Bedroom Cart! What a good idea. You can have all the things your guest might need. Towels, snacks and toiletries:

5.  Bar cart decor. We love the open and airy feel of a bar cart so why not use it as an end table? You don't have to stock with beverages you can just style it as you would any other end table. At first glance, we didn't even notice this was a bar cart - we just loved the look but this is a great idea, because it is so multi-purpose for when you are entertaining.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Neutral Paint Colors. Great Soothing Color! Would love this for a living room:

6. Bar cart Baby station. OK not as pretty but very functional.  If you have just had a baby, moving around is a bit of a challenge at first, so create a baby and mommy friendly space that cuts down on moving around.  Keep everything accessible.  Using a bar cart to hold the baby essentials is so smart! And you could easily use this in the nursery as well.
Fill one with baby supplies for handy access in the nursery. | 25 Awesomely Creative Ways To Use A Bar Cart:

7. Bar cart kids crafts.  The bar cart is a great way to stay organized and because it is on wheels it can be moved around very easily.  We love the idea of a movable kids art cart!  Keep all of their supplies in the cart and you won't have to take up other storage space in your home and this way it is easy for them to access.

Turn a bar cart into a craft station. | 49 Clever Storage Solutions For Living With Kids:

8. Bar cart music station.  If you love music, why not use your bar cart to store and display your love and passion for music? We love how this turntable is displayed on a bar cart, genius idea!

With a turntable up top and records down below, this free-wheeling bar cart knows how you roll.:

9. Bar cart office storage.  Need a little extra storage space in your office? Try a bar cart! It's perfect for storing items that you need access too but you don't want them to take up useful desk surface space.

Use it to store all your office supplies.:

10. Bar cart outdoor entertaining.  The bar cart is also perfect for the outdoors.  We love the vertical storage for drinks and other items - it's easy to clean and won't be in the way.

 DIY Idea: A glamorous facelift for an ordinary shelving unit! All it took was some gold spray paint.:

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Teen Space

"Our basement was (and still is) the playroom but my kids are all teenagers now.  I'm clearing out the toys but the room needs a makeover suitable for my teen boys and girl.  The floors are covered in primary colour foam tiles and the walls have cutesy posters with ABCs and 123s.  It has to be cool! Any ideas?"

It sounds like it's time for a refresh and we love to hear that you are wanting to do that for your kids.  It's a great start to clear out the toys first - that way you can really see the amount of space that you actually have.  Toys can really take up a lot of room.

Once you clear out the space completely so that you can see what you are working with.  Also take a look to see if there are any small repairs needed.  Ceiling tiles? Burnt out light bulbs? Any floor or wall damage? Take care of those items next.

Now let's have fun!

We feel the room should be gender neutral because you have boys and a girl, there are lots of options.  Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Remodelaholic | Top Ten Teen Hangout Areas and Link Party:

We love this NYC loft look!!  Try adding some brick pattern wall paper to get that exposed brick look and feel.  We also love the large cityscape wall mural - pottery barn teen has some great options for wall murals ranging from music to sports to beach scenes.   It looks like you have the best view money can buy.  The rest of the furniture is neutral a mix of grey and cream tones.  This bed is a sofa pull out option, so this is perfect if your basement is the neighbourhood hang out (and if it looks like this it definitely will be).  To keep the basement from feeling dark be sure to add light.  Pot lights are great because they are streamlined and out of the way but you can add some other task lighting, table and floor lighting just keep it simple.

Game Room Furniture, Game Rooms & Striped Area Rugs | PBteen:
 We love the idea of a teen space being fun and a place for them!  Adding interactive games like pool, ping-pong, fuse ball and even a collection of board games is a great way for them to socialize with friends and family.   We also love fun art - it could be colourful, thematic or just goofy!  We love the idea of signage and fun (positive) sayings!  This blackboard wall is another great addition to a teen space.  It is so easy to do and the chalkboard paint comes in a selection of colours (blue, green, red, pink you name it).  We also love easy seating options like these chairs or even bean bag chairs. They are casual and comfortable and easy to move around.

Garage Redesigned to Teen Hangout Space. The flat bed/couch concept seems smart. And the rug works well, too.:

If the space will be for everyone - find a place for everything! This small space (this is actually a garage) has seating, a home gym and a TV area.  We also love how the decor is neutral and cool for everyone.  Add some great pillows to your neutral sofa.  Looking for some fun pillows? We love the selection at they have so many colours, prints, saying and you can even customize your own pillow!

Cool Teen Hangouts And Lounges:

When it comes to a teen space, you can still play with colours but we suggest staying away from your primary tones like red, blue and yellow and playing with a more sophisticated tone like navy or grey and then adding a splash of fun colours like green and orange, turquoise and yellow, turquoise and orange, for example.  Fill the room with things they like - music, movies, sports and more...Add some fun prints and graphics too!

Be sure to think of them and what they need (and maybe what you would like them to have as well).  Shelving for board games, video games and some decor?  TV for movies and video games? A gym area?  Desk space? A fridge or even a small kitchen space ? Pool table or other large games? Speakers for music and movies? Electric fireplace (some basements are chilly)?

There are so many options for a basement space for your teens but be prepared to be THE neighbourhood hang out!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We answer Wednesday - Masculine Glamour

"I have heard the term 'masculine glamour' used recently to describe a decorating style.  What is 'masculine glamour ?"

Masculine Glamour is a term that we are starting to hear a bit more in home design and decor.  When we hear about men and home decor many of us think of man caves or lay-z boy sofas (there's nothing really wrong with either of those things - if that's what makes you happy - go for it!!) But 'masculine glamour' is the new term used to describe a man's abode that has style.  It is chic, classy, streamlined with a masculine edge.  The glamour part usually refers to metallic accents and shine.

Just like fashion, men are starting to take notice of themselves and their space.  Men are starting to put time, energy and effort into their personal style and that also includes their surroundings.  But this look 'masculine glamour' is pretty clean and timeless so it may not be a passing phase or trend. Plus  should you be involved with a man with a /masculine glamour' decorated space it would be so easy for you to move in with a touch of your style, it is very transitional (hint, hint) ;)

Here are a few examples of Masculine glamour.

"masculine glamour" small living room oversized everything. mirror glass candles green as an accent in a white grey and black living room:

So note the use of layering neutrals (no real pop of colour), a decent amount of dark tones and streamlined pieces.  Again we see some shine in the coffee table and accessories - this adds a feminine touch without being overt.

 Masculine living room designed by Ron Marvin. Via Lonny Magazine June/July 2012.:

Here's the same room just at a different angle.  We see symmetry in the end tables, lamps and even the pillows - this is very masculine.  The over sized art is also free of colour and layers various shades of grey.

Dark colored living room:

What do we notice here.   The dark tones on the wall and in the furniture.  We don't see any colour or bold art, everything is very tone-on-tone. We also don't see also of different textures - we have upholstery and a glass coffee table - so very simple and free of fuss.  The shine from the table and the accessories as a touch of glam and the beautiful orchid arrangement adds some femininity but the orchid is still a very structural flower, so again not too feminine.

 Monagrams, Antique Mirrors. and Black Leather Headboard with Nailheads:

When it comes to masculine glamour it is about keeping the typical masculine elements we see in design and decor like simplicity, dark tones like navy or charcoal, very little colour, very little pattern and some texture.  The glamour only comes from shine and some metallic accents.  The look is cool, streamlined, modern and says this is a man's residence but is still designed and decorated. 

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Whats Trending in 2016 Home Decor?

Check out what's hot in home Décor!|
Kristi Blok from KIKI Interiors discusses what we're going to be seeing frequently in 2016 in todays Ottawa Citizen article.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Resolutions For Your Home: 5 Ideas to Organize in 2016

“One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to focus more on my home.. I am hoping to update my décor and get more organized. What are some areas I should focus on?”

January is here! The start of the New Year is so refreshing for many people. It’s a time to reset your goals and reflect on the previous year. Lots of us make New Year’s Resolutions, depending on your lifestyle and your objectives, these vary for everyone. Maybe you’re going to commit to the gym or a healthier routine, perhaps your goal is to save money, or to travel more this year. If your resolutions involve home décor, we have some fabulous suggestions for you. Here are 5 suggestions to kick off your new year resolutions.

Decluttering Closets: Closets are the spot where a lot of items can hide out behind closed doors. Out of sight, out of mind. Items just keep being piled in there and forgotten about, so why not sort and purge what you no longer require? Decluttering is a surprisingly great feeling. Getting closets organized is helpful for your everyday life, having extra useable space is never a bad thing. We recommend baskets and bins to make sure everything has a home and is placed back inside neat & tidy.
Paint: Resolve to paint one room in your home a different colour, however bold or muted you desire. A fresh coat of paint signifies fresh, new beginnings. Never underestimate the power of paint. Changing the colour in a room is an inexpensive way to change the mood and décor without having to replace everything in the space. Depending on your current décor, choose a paint colour that will be a noticeable change. This can be challenging if you have a very set colour palette in your current décor. Even using the same colour you currently have and making it a shade or two darker will be a welcome change. If painting the entire room is too large of a task to undertake, try painting an accent wall! Choose a colour from your current colour scheme and use that as your new accent wall.
Weekly Cleaning: Most of us clean our houses weekly in the common areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc. But there are many places that are often overlooked that need some TLC. For example, the inside of the kitchen cabinets as often ignored. Cleaning the inside of your fridge. Washing Baseboards. Dusting hard to reach places. Pick one “overlooked” area a week and focus on that as well.

Refresh some accessories
: Depending on your budget, adding some newaccessories to a room gives it new life. This is a very budget friendly way to refresh your rooms. Adding a few new pillows, or a throw blanket, or maybe a new art piece will be a fabulous way to change up your décor and redesign your space. Try adding a colourful side table or garden stool, or changing some frames on your wall.
Fixing Odds and Ends: Do you have a “to do list” that just keeps piling up? Take the time and tackle these items. The little things that are ignored in your home continue to pile up, so just spend a few hours and get them done. You’ll feel so good knowing you can check off some items you’ve been meaning to get to.

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