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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

So I just finished decorating an office for the Christmas holidays.  the office is a converted old home from 1910 - so we wanted to keep a very traditional look for the decorations to stay true to the feel of the home/office.

The main floor has 12 ft ceilings so we were able to use a 9 ft tree (typical height for trees is 7.5 ft - since most homes have 8 ft ceilings).  We went to Home Depot to purchase the tree (which was pre-lighted) and many of the decorations.  We went with a very warm colour concept of gold, red and chocolate brown.  We were able to find so much inspiration from the Martha Stewart Collection - where she has all the accents including bobbles, birds, beads and ribbon all in coordinating colours. 

I love a full looking tree so once we left the Home Depot, we headed out to HomeSense to look for some more ornaments for the tree.  I wanted lots of bling and I found it!  I found these amazing clip on red and gold, beaded butterflies - just stunning and oh, how they sparkle!  I also found some fabulous red apples with lots of sparkle and shine. I also found a very traditional brocade looking tree skirt.

Once we bought all the decorations that we could fit in the car, we set off to the office. We unloaded everything from the car and it was a bit overwhelming but when you have a plan - it makes it easier.

1. Start by setting up the tree and spreading the branches apart so the tree looks fuller

2. Set up the lights (test first for burnt out bulbs) or get a pre-lit tree (so easy!) and the tree skirt

3.  If using ribbon, start with that.  Start circling around the tree, start at the top.

4.  I like to start with the basic balls in various colours.  As you hang them up, be sure to step back now and then to make sure the colours and the balls are spread out evenly

5.  Move on to other decor items like clip on birds, or other hanging ornaments.

6.  Last the angel or start on the top (use a ladder, step stool or chair for some extra height)

For this office tree, I even purchased some beautiful boxes and placed them under the tree so it looked like there were gifts under the tree.

We also used a natural looking garland to wrap up the staircase.  Plus a stunning wreath in the same red, golds and chocolate brown colour theme on the front door. 

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Outdoor Holiday Decor

So it's almost here...Christmas!  This is one of my favourite times of year - even though it's cold with winter weather I find the spirit is warming and welcoming. I like to carry that feeling in my outdoor decor for the holiday season.

Here's a few ideas you could try at your home:

1.  A beautiful wreath adds so much colour to a wintery door way. Look for colour, metallics or natural materials - there are so many choices.  You could even make you own Christmas wreath out of ornamental balls

2. Lights!  Add so much to a home during the holiday season.  A contemporary and sophisticated look is to use one colour only (white is so classic and can be used all year long but if you want to do something less expected try yellow or blue).  If you love the look but dont have the time or budget - try a pre-lit mini holiday tree in a planter  set up by the front door

3.  A natural vignette with birch logs, natural pine and cedar in an urn add some decoative glass balls for colour and shine

4.  An idea I'm going to try this year is to buy oversized super shiney and sparkley glass balls and hang them outside in the large pine on my front lawn. 

Holiday decorating can seem like a big task but it can be a lot of fun - make a day (or an afternoon of it) with the family and get them involved. 

Have a plan of when to decorate and when to un-decorate.

Do a bit at a time.  Decorating the whole house in one day might be too much for everyone

Have a colour concept especially if you think holiday decor can get tacky. 

Try making ornaments with your children.

It's doesnt have to be big and bold - subtle decor can help celebrate the season, too.  Try adding some candles in all white or red and add some 'Christmas' scent to your space too.

It's a wonderful time of year and a time to celebrate family and friends - don't let it stress you out!!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

The hot colour for the year 2013 is....

So 2012 was all about what are the hot colours that we will be seeing in home decor and design for 2013?

Monaco Blue!!  "It's calming, wonderful and an anchoring colour" says PANTONE Color Instituteā€™s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman.

So what are there any other colours that we will be seeing a lot this coming year?


Dusk Blue, Emerald, Grayed Jade, Linen, Poppy Red, African Violet, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest and Nectarine are in the top 9 for this coming year.

We know that home fashion is inspired by what we see on the fashion runways, so what can we expect to see in terms of hot paint colour trends for 2013?  Bright and Bold colour.

Benjamin Moore's paint colour of this coming year is "Wythe Blue" from their Historical collection.  But Navy Blue is also a huge influence in home decor and this is a trend taken right from the runways (see Monaco Blue)

Colour is major in 2013.So here's the breakdown:

Your bold statement colours like red  and yellow (think bright yellow like lemon or canary not butter cream) are still staples but we will be seeing less of accents in red and yellow and more accents of pink, orange and purple - real throw back to the retro 50's and the soft feminine influence will be big , too. 

Green - Chartreuse is still going to be popular it's fresh and fun!  But Kelly green is going to be seen a lot more - it's a real attention grabbing colour that's perfect for highlighting smaller spaces or objects like shelving or small furniture pieces.

Neutrals: White, Grey, and Black are still popular but with these tones it's the finish that's changing this year.  The high gloss look is on it's way out and we are seeing more matte finishes and then paired with other neutral that are a little different like peachy-white.

For 2013, we will be seeing lots and lots of warmth in the colours even in the neutrals like grey, brown and white.  For trim, leaning towards warmer whites instead of cool-toned ones. 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No kidding...some of the most amazing kids rooms

So check out some of the most amazing kids and teen about going all out with theme and colour!  Looking at extremes can give you lots of fun ideas for your own bedrooms ...this link has some incredible rooms for boys and girls and the imaginations behind creating these rooms (the budgets too) are sky high...

The Harry Potter room

The LEGO room

The Carnival room

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Celebrity style: Brad Pitt's furniture line

Yes!! Like some other hot celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland, Valerie Bertinelli, and more, Brad Pitt can also be a part of our home - well, at least you can bring in his furniture line into your home!

A life long dream has been fulfilled by the actor and it has nothing to do with acting.  Pitt has always been interested in architecture and home design and now he is taking it a step further.  Pitt is partnering up with furniture designer, Frank Pollaro to create a collection of home pieces including a dining table, club chairs and a bed.  The pieces will be launched in New York Nov 13 -15.  the collection is said to include a total of 12 pieces.


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Curb Appeal during the ugliest time of the year

Well it's hard to believe but October has come and gone and November is here! 

For those of you who have your homes on the market with a real estate agent or will have your home on the market soon, you are well aware that this time of year isn't exactly attractive.  The red, orange and gold leaves (for the most part) are gone, the hardy fall flowers are wilted and done and most of us are getting our gardens ready for the harsh winter cold. 

In the spring and summer, it is so easy to make the exterior of your home attractive to buyers but curb appeal is important all year long.

So how can you keep your home looking it's best during this time?

Start by keeping the exterior clean and tidy - sweep the porch and walk way so it isn't covered with dead leaves, rake up any of the garden waste.  As the temperature drops, make sure the exterior of your home is safe for buyers. Be sure to shovel and sweep walkways and steps and be sure to salt them, too. If you cannot take care of that yourself ask your real estate agent to recommend a company that can. Be sure that any icicles hanging from your gutters are cleared away, too.

Lighting is super important - make sure the exterior lights are all working (so replace any burnt out light bulbs) and now that it is getting darker earlier have the exterior lights on!  Not all night but after 4pm until roughly 8pm - you never know who is driving by and with the lights off your home may not be seen.  In the darker months, you could also use brighter bulbs to really enhance the look and the lighting of your home.

Welcoming front door - if you had an Halloween decor up it's time to take it down but you can still keep your fall decor - so any uncarved pumpkins, hay, corn and hardy potted mums that still look good, also a fall wreath adds warmth and colour too.  If you have an exterior chair or bench by the door, you can incorporate that too.

Stay current - even if the home is vacant you should still give the impression that you care and are still taking care of the home.  As the seasons change, keep up with them.  So at Christmas add some seasonal/appropriate pots and wreath to make the house feel like a home.

You don't want your home to be a drive by so be sure to take care of the home and have it look it's best at all times.  Be sure to speak to your real estate agent about keeping the exterior photos up to date with the season - if a buyer sees an exterior photo of your home that was taken in the fall and it's now snowy February they will see that the home has been on the market for a while and that will be reflected in their offer.

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Deck the Halls with lots of Style

So Halloween is ow over and already I'm seeing all sorts of Christmas/
Holiday decor up in stores.  Personally, I wait until mid to late November to start with my Christmas decorations but in my opinion it's not too early to start thinking of a theme.

Christmas decor used to be very traditional and classic but now there are so many looks and styles to choose from and the selection of colours is endless. 

So what are you thinking for your holiday decor this year?

In my home, we are pretty classic and family friendly with 'country' influenced outdoor planters made of natural materials and inside we have lots of family friendly decorations.  The kids love it and it really suits the style of my home.

But if you are a condo dweller - do you have to go traditional? No.  Christmas decor can be modern and contemporary. Think about  mixing metallics or sticking with one shade of metallic

 or going with fuchsia pink or lime green instead of traditional red and green.

  If you want a contemporary Christmas look for a tree that has a modern look and/or a non-traditional colour. 

Display ornaments (one shape, colour or style is best) in clear glass vases as a centre piece or on the coffee table.  You can also find classic ornaments like Nutcrackers with a modern modern feel. 

Christmas decor can be stylish and chic.  If you want a contemporary look to your Christmas theme this year - think about the basics of contemporary design : clean, simple, clutter free, repetition, bold or soft colour palettes, and add an element of surprise or whimsy. 

Have a beautiful and stylish Holiday season in your home this year!

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