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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Style: Get the Cottage Look at Home

Everyone loves summertime, and here in Canada our summers tend to be on the shorter side, so embrace the cottage look at home to make the summer last!

1 - accessories are the easiest way to transform a space.  Look for pillows with stags, art with twigs and branches anything that brings the outdoors in

2 - colour planning.  look for colours right from nature and think about your setting.  Greens are great but so are blues.  Layer different shades and textures using colour

3 - wood elements.  You can us wood in so many different ways so get creative!  How about a timber wood feature wall in a bedroom?  Or keep it simple with wood tables.

4 - art work.  look for at least one piece that really speaks to the area - try looking in local shops or research local artists, that way every time you see it you will be brought back to that relaxing space

5 - cottage quirks.  Add some 'finds' that reflect cottage life like an old bench, this will give your home that true cottage taste


6 - lighting.  light at the cottage or lake house is often bright so think about that when making lighting choices.  Remember to always layer your lighting, so tables lamps, candles (battery operated ones are perfect), light fixtures etc....opt for rustic looking lanterns

7- seasonal changes.  light colour slipcovers and bright cushions are an easy and amazing way to make a big transformation to the space as the seasons change. 


8- DIY.  the cottage lifestyle is relaxed and easy, so don't get fussy.  Look for great deals online, yard sales can always make minor modifications to give the piece a more personalized look. 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quiet Colour

If the thought of inviting colour into your space makes you head spin, follow these easy ideas to bring a bit of  life into your world.

A neutral space is easy to work with because it is basically a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless.


1- play with texture, instead of colour, this is a great option for those undecided folks.  So think about adding - stone, wood, metal, plastic, leather, wool, other fabrics (both light and heavy) and plants.  This will give you variety without having to commit to colour

2 - play with pattern.  This will bring more visual interest along with some contrast to your space.  This about pairing warm tones against cool tones for some contrast.  Neutrals work with neutrals, so don't be afraid to layer - caramel with beige and charcoal and silver

3 - play with metallics.  Metallics can really add an element of depth to a space without feeling too bold or dramatic.  Gold and copper can add some warmth and sophistication to a space and silver can cool down a space that has a lot of warmth.  Metallics can be seen in lighting, occasional tables, accessories and even some fabrics.

This image is a perfect example of using all 3 of the above suggestions.   There is a variety of texture, some great silver metallic accents and some pattern.  So if you are shy about colour these suggestions can really help you create a visually interesting space. 

When it comes to colour, start small.....

especially if you are new to colour.  Don't feel like you have to go "all in". 

- Choose a favourite colour, instead of following the latest colour trend and add little touches in the home

- Choose a colour that feels integrated in the existing look and style instead of stick out like a sore thumb.  And work with that family of colour, for example a navy throw blanket, with some colbalt pattern pillows and a steel grey-blue lamp.

- Opt for noncommittal items like pillows and throws (you do not have to go with custom) to add colour to the space, other great ideas : try lamp shades, candles, vases, glasses, plates, linens and books

- New art is another easy way to inject some colour.  Again you don't need to spend or splurge, try going to a local decor store like HomeSense or try taking on a DIY project to add art in the home, you could frame paint chips or paint a simple canvas in stripes or squares, try framing scrap booking paper


 Expand your palette.  so now that you are a bit more comfortable with colour, it's time to introduce a second accent colour.  So where to start?

- Green and blue are colours we see in nature, so they almost act as neutrals.  If you are stumped as to which colour to bring in as a secondary hue try one of those, they are a pretty safe bet with just about any scheme

- Fabrics are a great guide!  Check out fabrics at a local store and take a look at fabrics that have your existing colour and see what combinations they have. 

- A sophisticated colour palette has depth so do not choose hues in only that exact colour match.  A bit darker and a bit lighter will give the full spectrum in the space and add some richness, and don't forget to add a touch of white and a touch of black to the room - simple photos frames and candles are easy ways to do just that. 

 Go Bold, Not crazy!


You can go a little over the top with colour if you are not careful, so please pay attention!

You won't look crazy if ....

- your palette is mostly colours from the same family, for examples stick with either primary colours, or pastels, or jewel tones

- you inject too much black, it is needed to anchor the room but too much is harsh, stick to greys, taupes, whites and other softer neutrals, like your walls and major pieces

Don't be afraid, be brave and apply that colour!  It can always be toned down with neutrals and textures.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Small bathroom? Big Ideas!

So you have a small bathroom, so what!  there are lots of tips and tricks to really maximize the space to make it more useful but also just to give it a larger appearance.

1.  Paper!  No not toilet paper, wallpaper. High-impact wallpaper gives the impression of depth, and extending the print onto the ceiling encourages a continuous line of sight.

2.  Add drama.  Usually we recommend small spaces be painted out in one light colour but if you have a bathroom with some interesting architectural features, like a sloped ceiling, try Glossy black paint, it makes  look streamlined and spacious.

3.  Let the light in! No windows, no problem!  Never underestimate the power of lighting: in this tiny WC, recessed bulbs and glossy sconces cast a space-enlarging luster onto white wallpaper.

4.  Blend. So if you like a low key look in your space, opt for tone-on-tone.  A sink with modern lines and an unadorned mirror perfectly complement the pale wallpaper, adding a sense of airiness to the room.

5.  Small storage.  Like it or not we always end up with clutter in the bathroom, magazines for example so make use of a tray (not something you would usually find in a bathroom) to store them in an organized and accessible way.

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