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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Staging for Furnished Rentals

So we all know that staging works for selling homes but does it work for rentals? The answer is simply - yes. Although you are assigning a job to your property - to create income - you are still "selling" the idea of someone living in this space whether for a week for a year. Any type of visual tool you use to sell or promote your product must look it's best and a rental is no exception. Since most renters and buyers are seeing the product online make sure it is presented properly.

My family and I are looking to rent a vacation home in Seattle for next August and I have started my search online. I cannot believe the extremes that I am seeing. Here are some do's and don'ts (all based on the online photos I have seen thus far)

- take photos with all of the lights on, although it may seem too bright it will work in the photos

- clean your home, we can see cluttered counter top and stains on film

- set the table, make the bed (like you would see in a hotel) and have flowers on the table - you want your home to look it's best!

- spend the money on professional photos, it will be worth it!

- spend some money on small updates like new hardware, linens, etc...

- keep decor neutral


- have loud or dark colours on the wall, you want to appeal to as many potential guests as possible

- have photos with friends and family partying in the home

- have your personal doll, sword or other collections on display

- have your pets in the photos, unless it is a pet friendly space, otherwise the renter will think of pet smells and stains, neither will help you rent

- have patterned furniture (cover it up with neutral slip covers) it looks dated

- use old photos, keep it current!

Remember that no matter the price point everyone wants to stay somewhere fabulous! Homes that look their best rent/sell faster and for more money plus if your rental looks great you will increase you potential for better quality renters and/or more repeat renters. Even for rentals, presentation is key!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative Centrepieces !

Oh the centrepiece! The centrepiece used to be a large and bountiful bouquet of the finest flowers but now it has transformed into some many different possibilities. The centrepiece plays a role at any event or dinner party but make it reflective of you and your style, it does not have to be so stuffy and formal. Here are some great centrepiece ideas...

1 -- some very simple and organic, chic driftwood. it is very sculptural and easy to set up.

2 -- a simple string of tea lights - but not scented!

3 -- a bowl of fruit (i personally find one fruit say lemons is very contemporary but a variety or variety of fruit but in the same colour tones is very interesting.) try displaying this edible decor in a glass vase instead of a bowl to add volume to the table as well

4 -- root bowls are knotty and again very true to nature, fill them up with winter or fall deocr items such as christmas ornaments, pine cones, crannberries etc...

5 -- various small (nose gay like) bouquets in one type of flower is very chic and beautiful ribbon on the vase completes the look

6 -- lucky bamboo - easy, fun and inexpensive plus you can place it elsewhere in your home after the big party!

7 -- a glass bowl with water, river rock and floating candles

8 -- real cupcakes - in a tower or in a simple row, we are seeing this a lot at weddings

9 -- look for some interesting clear glass bowls and have gold fish - great conversation starter!

10 -- authentic seasonal decor - the fall is the best season for this - bring the outdoors in with mini pumpkins, gourds and the beautiful fall leaves

No matter the occasion a centrepiece really grounds the table - but it can be whatever you want, one single focal point or multiple but try and choose something that works with the scale of the table, something that works with the theme of the occasion and something that will not get in the way.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

All about Sectionals Sofas!

We are seeing a lot of rooms decorated with sectional sofas but why have they become so popular?

Why do I love sectional sofas?

Sectional sofas are a great way to have a lot of seating in a room without over stuffing an area.

They have a very streamlined look

Theycome in left or right orientations so you can choose which is best for your space

They come different styles ranging from ultra sleek to warm and inviting

they come in various fabrics and in most cases you can choose from a wide variety ranging from leather, micrsuede, cotton chenille etc...

They come in all sizes some are suited for a large family to hang out on and others are designed with a chic condo in mind

They play double suty by looking chic and cozy at the same time.

They can also define areas in an open concept floorplan. (If placed properly)

If you are thinking about purchasing a sectional there is something out there for everyone!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Favourite things - Sticks and Stones...

Looking for a unique gift for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, Christmas or any special occasion?

A company started by a young family and an alphabet project for their daughter. They began 'letter hunting' in their community and natural surroundings and took photos of the letters they found. (See photo for further understanding of this truly unique idea). They began their business by creating gifts for teachers and other community members with their 'alphabet photography'. Now you too can do the same. Check out their website for ideas and creat your own photo keepsake.

A great idea that is truly one of a kind!

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