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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - What is Sculptural Lighting?

“I keep hearing the word “Sculptural Lighting” lately. What does that mean and how would I execute this trend in my own home?”

One of the things we love most about this job is the constant changing trends and the excitement of something new & beautiful. I love this question because when we were in Toronto this year at the Interior Design Show, sculptural lighting was a huge trend. So many people are seeing the value in having beautiful lighting in your space. It really is an art form.

 Bright Idea The couple's West Coast manse features lighting by Hudson, Gregorius | Pineo and Dessin Fournir, to name a few, so we're guessing they'll be totally on board with this sculptural chandelier in the dining area.:

Sculptural lighting has a wide range of defining characteristics. Lighting fixtures have a functionality aspect but they can also double as being abstract works of art. Sculptural lighting fixtures are so unique and eye-catching that they naturally become conversation pieces in their settings. The variety of shapes, colours, textures, metals, materials and sizes are so vast, the options for your home are endless! (and so are the price points!) 

 Style Secret: Sculptural Lighting  Natural light drives Japanese style, but fixtures with clean profiles and minimalist lines stand in after the sun sets. Here, a Japanese cricket lamp hangs pendant style above a floating nightstand, instead of a more traditional table lamp. You could also choose iconic fixtures that evoke the spirit of Japanese decor, such as the:

Of course, we understand that changing the lighting in every room in your home is a large undertaking. The idea of having beautiful light fixtures in every room is not a reality for all of us, as nice as it would be. Choose the rooms in your home that you spend the most time in. Perhaps the living room or bedroom is a great place to start. These are often some of the most used spaces in a home. As well as the kitchen and dining room. 

 Showcasing an openwork design with orb accents, this eye-catching pendant illuminates your entryway or dining room in bright style.:

When we say “sculptural” that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be over the top. In a modern setting, a simple, pendant can be sculptural. Sculptural also means beautiful. 

 Berlin apartment restyled with sculptural woollen lamps.:

If you’re nervous about being too bold, try adding a chandelier in an open space. Having the crystal and metal mixture will look spectacular without being too much. If you are very adventurous, there are many shapes and styles that will suit your needs.

Here are some of our favourite photos from this year’s Interior Design Show in Toronto.

Choose something unique and tailored just to your personal taste!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Style a Bedroom

"How do I make my basic bedroom look more expensive?"

 The bedroom is the perfect spot to kick back and relax.  We aim to create a beautiful bed when we stage homes, it really makes the whole room feel calm but luxurious at the same time.

We have a few recommendations to create the ultimate bedroom retreat.

1- Clean and simple bedding.  We highly recommend plain white bedding.  It is simple but timeless.  it looks so fresh, bright and clean like a chic hotel room but you can also style it how ever you like.  For personal use, it is worth investing in high quality but for home staging it isn't. Add colour and pattern with bed accessories like blankets and pillows.

 Upholstered headboards are best as they add lusciousness and a majestic beauty to any bedroom ambiance.:

2 - Layering.  We often only sleep on one pillow but when it comes to styling a bed you definitely want more pillows - it looks luxurious but it also looks like a comfortable spot to lay your head.  there are a few ways to layer your pillows. See the diagram below for some options.  There is no wrong answer, it is a matter of preference.  For a king size bed, you can use the same options but add a third Euro (large square pillow) and use king size pillows.


3. Texture.  We talk about texture a lot.  But texture is a great way to add some softness and a touch of glamour.  People love touchable fabrics and where better than a bedroom.  You want to create a room that you want to snuggle up in (whether for yourself or for a potential buyer).  Think pillows and throw blankets in fur (faux) and knits.

Luxury bedding : The White Company Bedding : Perfect Bed tips:

4. Lighting.  Just like your pillows and bedding you want to layer your lighting.  Think over head - a beautiful fixture really brings a bedroom to life and can be a great piece to set your decor tone.  But don't forget about bedside lighting - end tables with table lamps seems obvious but it works and when it comes to table lamps there are many fabulous choices.  Don't have room for end tables? Try some sconces - double swing arm sconces are perfect for those who love to read at night.

Love the warmth of this room and the windows on each side of the master bed! light but private! Neutral Home Interior Ideas:

5. Walls and Windows.  Some art and drapery can really complete the look of a bedroom.  We love a bedroom with some art - it really is like jewelry for an outfit.  It pulls it all together.  Depending on the room arrangement and furniture styles, art above the end tables is a timeless and chic look but we also love an oversized piece above a headboard.  for the window this function and fashion, some soft drapery panels frame a window beautifully but you may want to add some blinds, shutters or shades to give the room more privacy.

Her Paperweight:

6. Seating and storage.  You may be able to add both depending on the size of the room.  It is always a nice addition to have a small seating corner in a bedroom but not all bedrooms can fit a chair - if you have room for a bench or a storage bench that can look very chic at the end of a bed.  Another great look and a practical use of furniture too is over sized end tables. when you are staging your home - you don't want the room to look over stuffed with furniture to pick and choose pieces carefully, maybe a small chair in the corner and standard size beside tables is likely best.

Our work :: Portfolio :: Urban Grace Interiors:

What you will notice in these images is a consistent thread of layers on the bed, a soft colour palette, a mix of textures, subtle patterns (if any) and upholstered headboards.  We love a timeless and chic bedroom but since the space is yours make it truly yours and surround yourself with what you love and what you want to see in your most personal space.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is in the Air: Easy Home Decor Ideas for Spring

*This is a blog written by our co-op student, Amber Ward

Spring is here! Spring has come and it is time to celebrate, so take down those dreary colours and hang up bright and refreshing home décor accents to welcome this blissful season. After a long winter of looking at the cold snow and the dull outdoors, people tend to get excited about spring arriving. Here are some simple, in-expensive and fun ways to welcome spring into your home.

Upcycled apple juice bottle looks very much like a Pottery Barn oversized wine bottle/vase. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive!:

1.      1. A fun and beautiful way to welcome the arrival of spring into your décor is by adding flowers. Flowers represent the whole meaning of spring. It is the time of year when the outdoors begins to bloom. Flowers create a fresh and colourful look within a space and they bring a refreshing smell along with them. Whether the flowers are bright yellow or a calm white, any bouquet will brighten the room and create a spring like environment. Flowers can be placed in vases as a centrepiece for a kitchen table or a coffee table; they could be placed in baskets hung on doors or even simply on the windowsill in the kitchen where the sun will shine on them. 

     I have a table like this. On it is a pile of lego men, hair slides and crayons. Keeping an elegant home with kids is hard work!                 kate spade new york all in good taste book and autumn sunglasses as seen in the home of @StylishPetite:                 Marble coffee table, leather chair, chunky blanket. | From:

1.     2.  Another exciting and in-expensive way to welcome spring into your home décor is by picking up a few colourful accent pillows for couches, chairs or even bedrooms. When you think of spring, typically, people will think of bright, happy, lively colours. A cute way to incorporate some fresh colours into your home without it being over whelming is by adding accent pillows or throws. Accent pillows are easy to find and they are easy to change out with every season. 

      See all rooms in today's post: South Shore Decorating Blog: Sometimes It's All About COLOR | From:  
Neutral bedding pop of color pillows:   

1.      3. Another way to incorporate a spring like vibe into your home décor is simply by using vases. Vases are a great way to add fun and funky items to your space. You could use colourful vases with solids or patterns to carry some colour throughout your home and to create a little point of interest. Vases come in all different sizes and all different shapes; you can find interesting vases all over the place. You could even get a little creative with them and try finding something different to use a as a vase such as a teapot or a garden pail. Other fun and creative ways are to use mason jars or even old light bulbs! This will add some interesting and fun looks too your home. Vases can be quirky and “out there” without it being unusual or distracting.  It’s what they’re for! 

       DIY: boho chic hanging macrame vases:

     4. Another very simple way to welcome spring into your home is just by simply opening the drapes. Let in the light and your whole house will feel more bright, more alive, and more refreshing. Having lighter looking window treatments will make a whole room look airy and bright. These window treatments could include whites, pastels, a light pattern or even sheer drapes. Although, there is no need to go out and buy all new window treatments, simply opening up the ones you have now during the day will do the trick!

 Vicky's Home: Tonos de azul, color en calma / Shades of blue, calm color:

Now that spring has arrived, it is time to celebrate with lively colours and blooming flowers! Let your home décor pop with excitement and leave those dreary winter days behind.

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