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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Top 10 Headboards

A headboard is an important elements in a bedroom.  it really is a centerpiece that helps anchor the room.  It gives the entire bed presence and can also set the tone for the style you want in your bedroom.

Here are some of our favourite headboard and tips on how they work with your style:

1. Headboard with 'floating' storage.  So this is a very clean look.  It's perfect for anyone looking for a bedroom that's easy to clean (no dust will collect under end table legs) and because the end tables are floating they give the whole room a calm and zen like feel.  We love this look in a wood tone ad paired with soft tones and clean white.

King Size Floating Headboard with Nightstands in Espresso:

2. Tufted Headboard.   This look is a true classic and we have seen a real 'comeback' of this style.  It is great because it really works with any style - you can opt for a classic contemporary or even a vintage style.  It really depends on the colour of the upholstery and what you pair with it.

How to make a tufted headboard tutorial. Sooo good!!:

3. Rustic headboard.  If you love the country or farmhouse look, than this is for you! These old windows have been converted into a headboard.  The aged paint give it a relaxed look and the window panels make the headboard look and feel lighter in the room.  Pair these with soft layers of linens or for a true country look opt for some small florals or even a gingham print.

Window headboard:

 4. Fabric panel headboard.  This is an easy and affordable way to make a headboard.  This is also a perfect solution for a smaller room.  When you are tight on space, you need to be smart with your furniture choices.  We love a simple curtain rod with a drapery panel, it adds softness to the space and your choices of colour and pattern are endless, so you could even switch it out with the seasons or trends. This is also a great way to display a treasured quilt.

h: headboard idea (rug, tapestry or heavy fabric) would help with sound:

5. Rattan (Wicker) Headboard - if you love a laid back natural or beach inspired look in your bedroom, this is a great option for you.  The texture adds some visual interest to the space and the natural material and tone give the room a relaxed feel. This looks great with lots of soft tones, especially blue tones.Pair the headboard with distressed finishes in cream tones to really maximize the laid back look in your room.

Found it at Wayfair - Imelda Headboard:

6. High headboard. - this really makes a statement in any bedroom.  We have seen these extra high headboards for a while, they aren't as popular as they were a few years ago but they are perfect if you really want your bed to have great presence in your space. These come in a variety of styles, too.

Benjamin Moore Sterling. Benjamin Moore Sterling with Benjamin Moore White Dove on Headboard and Trims. Benjamin Moore Sterling. #BenjaminMooreSterling The Good Home - Interiors & Design:

7. Old Doors as a Headboard - this is a rustic yet romantic look for a bedroom but depending on how your style it, it can look country or vintage.  We love this headboard with a statement light fixture over the bed. The aged paint adds character, texture and a softness to the space.  If you love the shabby chic look - this is for you!

wall paint color: a warm white called country dairy, it is a Ralph Lauren color ~ Home Depot still has the Ralph Lauren colors in their system. Love the old doors as a headboard.:

8. Decorative carved wood headboard - this is all over instagram!  We love the romantic look of this headboard and the detail work is just gorgeous - no need for an art piece over the bed when this is your headboard! Painted or natural this is spectacular.  When it comes to styling the room - go with your style, so keep the tones light or go dark on the walls to let the headboard really stand out - it's up to you!


9. Wing back headboard - the ultimate in luxury and sophistication! This style is a true classic but like anything else you can add your own spin to truly make it yours.  We love this style in any colour or tone - dark or light, it's up to you! This works with really crisp bedding, so not the best for anyone looking for a more boho look in their room.  This clean, crisp and balanced - tailored

Spring Home Tours 2016:

10. Low Headboard - this is great for a smaller room as visually the headboard won't be taking up as much room.  this is a great option if your like a soothing almost zen style and feel in your space.  this is also a great option if you want larger art above your headboard. Try adding a floating shelf with some display decor items (ones that have meaning to you or just add to the overall look of your room) a low headboard gives you space for that, too!

See how Jen Bishop redecorated her bedroom with the help of a west elm Home Stylist!

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