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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hot Home Decor Trends for 2017

As we slowly approach the end of another year, there is an excitement in the air! A new year means renewal, a fresh start but also new and fresh ideas! For home decor, we are excited to see what 2017 will bring to store shelves and magazine pages but we do have some predictions as to what we will be seeing in the new year for interior decorating.

1.  Neutrals: usually there is a 'hot' colour that we see emerge each year but this year expect to see a lot of neutrals.  White and black are classics and are never out of style but expect to see a lot of black and white trends for home decor.  Shades of grey will still be popular as well as cooler beige tones.

 Step inside this photographer's light-filled family living in Sydney's Queens Park complete with neutral muted hues and natural materials.:

2.Wood: we have already seen a comeback of wood in late 2016, we expect that trend will continue.  We will see wood in flooring, furniture, art and accessories.  Wood with lots of texture and tones.

 Decor Zone        • interiors • interior design • design • home • architecture          — aestatestudio:   Daily inspiration. Learn more...:

3. Global influences: every year it seems that interior decorating takes on some inspiration from somewhere in the world.  this year is no exception, this year expect to see a big surge of Scandinavian design.  There is more to Scandinavian influence than IKEA - white (like the snow), wood, simple design with a modern minimal edge are just some of what you can expect to see.

 This board must look super boring to anyone who isn't obsessed with black and white.sorry (I guess I'm just super boring):

4. Ashy filter: all of the woods, fabrics and other textures will all have a touch of a grey to them.  Almost as though they have been grey-washed or a grey filter to them.  This gives everything a toned down and cooler look - like driftwood.

 House of Turquoise: Harper Construction Another view, love the table and Chairs!:

5. Finish: expect to see a lot of matte or dull finishes in metals but also wood stains and paint.  High gloss is out.

 Milo Baughman Burnished Brass Bar Stools in Grey Leather image 4:

6. Warm textures: smooth and sleek textures like glass and marble were once the hottest trends on the market but this year warm and natural textures will be hot for 2017. Such as wood, cork, sisal, rattan  leather, and knits.

 Scandinavian inspired girls bedroom. Styling and photography by Justine Ash:

7. Defined living spaces: the 'super' open concept plans for living spaces where everything is in one big room won't be as popular.  We won't have tiny compartment rooms but we will have floor plans that are a mix of open and more traditional living offering some privacy and also designated spaces.

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8. Purple, Blue and Green : although 2017 will be very much about neutrals we predict that purple, blue and green will be very visible this coming year.  This deep jewel inspired tones such as - plum, eggplant, blackberry, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. We will see this in accessories more than furniture.

Jewel Tones Master Bedroom - Love all the color! Click for sources. Teal, purple and cheetah print!:

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