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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Mixing Metallics without going over board

"I love the sparkle and shine of metallics but I'm worried about going over board with the look.  Any tips?"

The sparkle, shine and texture of metallics gives any room an instant boost of luxury and glamour but you are correct, you need to find the right balance.

1.  Softness.  So metallics have a distinct shiny quality and they have a hard and smooth texture, so balance that out with some softer textures.  Try adding some cashmere knits, velvet, and wool to counter balance the hard quality of metallics.

 Bring home big-city #style with metallic gold and black #decor!:

2. Neutral.  Metallics can really add a punch to a room and they are timeless so don't get too crazy with your palette.  a few pops of colour is a nice touch but we really love pairing metallics (one metallic or a mix) with a neutral back drop and don't forget those soft textures!

 mixed metals home decor_large:

3. Classic.  Keep it classic when it comes to metallics - brass, silver and gold are totally chic and timeless.  Sure, copper is cool right now but it tends to float in and out of fashion.

4. Mix.  Keep it modern by mixing your metallics.  Like wood, metallics go with metallics.  So play around with  the finishes. But we really recommend sticking with the same colour metal but we like to see chrome mixed with brushed nickle and satin nickle same goes for the golden tones.

5. Small. New to metallics? Start with small steps - some smaller decor pieces on a tray or bookcase and build it from there.

 Non-woven metallic glitter wallpaper modern background wall wallpaper white and silver classic stripe wall papers home decor

Metallics are a great addition to add some sophistication to a space and they can also make a room look and feel larger and brighter.  That reflective surface allows the light to bounce around the whole room plus it adds sophistication and glamour to a room.

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