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Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Get the 'Model Home' Look in your Home

If you have ever been to a model home you have probably asked yourself  - 'why doesn't my home look like this?' Well it can!  There are some easy and simple styling tricks that you can use at home to get that 'model home' look. 

1. Keep it clean and de-clutter: so you are living in the house and it can be tricky to keep clean but put together a cleaning schedule and do your best to stick to it - regular wiping down, cleaning or dishes and floors makes a huge difference.  Find some cute baskets or boxes to hold every day clutter like mail and flyers from school.  Commit to a purge (seasonally would be ideal) to get rid of the extra stuff that you aren't using and haven't used in a long time! You will be amazed at how much junk you hold on to - it feels great to let it go!

 Organization Orgasms: 21 Well-Designed Pantries You'd Love to Have in Your Kitchen | Apartment Therapy

2. Floating furniture : not levitating furniture, but floating - in other words not pushed up against the walls.  Sure in some floor plans this is really the only choice but even just pulling it away an inch or two makes the space look and feel more intimate and designed. In a big open floor plan, separate the space with floating furniture that serves two distinct purposes, say a seating/conversation space and then a TV hang out space for a large and open living space.

 pictures of rugs under sectionals | We suggest starting with the Darien Rug under your sectional. This rug ...

3. Lighting: let there be light and lots of it! Not only does a brighter space feel bigger and cleaner but it's a great way to update a space.  When you are adding lighting in your space think layers! So overhead lighting mixed with table and floor lamps, candles etc...Layered lighting looks sophisticated but you can also play with the ambiance using your lighting.  Relying on one light source is a bit tired and one dimensional. also aim to have the light evenly distributed in the room (so not everything in one side or corner of the room).

 Recessed Lighting Placement In Living Room:

4. Outdoors indoors: take a look at model home they always have some natural element - it could be a plant (large or small), natural herbs or a bowl of lemons in the kitchen, branches or sticks in a vase, natural sponge in the bathroom - just some small natural touches can do wonders in a space.  It adds warmth and authenticity to the space. 

 Gather autumn inspiration from this natural and simple fall home tour from the Fall into Home series loaded with farmhouse and rustic charm.:

5. Area rugs: are used to add colour and texture plus warmth but they also add a great visual effect in terms of creating designated spaces and functions. An open concept space with out any area rugs with floating furniture looks very lost but by adding the correct size area rug (even just in the living room) automatically grounds and defines the space.  Area rugs really are a must!

 Varick Gallery Beach Channel Indigo Area Rug:

6. Headboard: Like the area rug - the headboard really grounds or anchors the bedroom, this really is non-negotiable for a master bedroom.  You want the room and the furniture to have a strong presence.  Even a beautifully made/styled bed looks weak without a headboard.

 Patridge is quite the decorator herself. "Audrina had purchased the amazing bed right when we started working together so that was definitely the focal point of the space and what we designed...:

7. Bookcases: when it comes to bookcase we tend to see these 2 options.  1- complete jammed and over stuffed with books falling out, or 2 - sparse, bare and empty.  To get the designer 'model home' look bookcases are a great piece but they have to be balanced.  So books stacked in an organized fashion with some decor added in.  Carefully styled but still functional.  This gives the space style but it also isn't over whelming.  Many think books in a bookcase is organized but when they are over stuffed the room feels heavy and cramped, and when they are falling out, it's a mess! A bare bookcase looks light but it also looks weak and kind of pointless. 

 Beautiful Library Lights - Design Chic - love the baskets in the bookcase!:

8. Drapery: a great decorative feature that can also serve a function.  Yes, shades and blinds are go-to's for privacy but add some simple drapery panels on either side of the window and you've got 'wow-factor'!

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