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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Matching Wood stains : furniture and flooring

"We are looking to buy a new dining room table.  We like the idea of wood (but it doesn't have to be wood) but we have wood floors - do we match the wood table to the floors?"

A new piece of furniture is a great update for any space and any style of decor. Wood is always a great option as it is durable and adds a natural texture to any space.  When it comes to wood, you don't need to match and we really recommend that you don't match it makes everything blend and look a little washed out and you won't draw attention to the new dining table.

We suggest adding some contrast with your new table.  So if you have light floors opt for a darker stain table and vice-versa.

 farmhouse interior white dining room with wood table:

Other ways to get contrast with your wood flooring is to opt for a table that isn't wood at all!  Metal or glass are ways to get contrast and add some interesting textures to your space.

 dining room / via poppytalk - those chairs are amazing. am liking the contrast of black and dark wood...:

when it comes to your chairs, try a chair in a different tone or a different material all together - this gives the room some contrast as well but also shows off your personal style.  Depending on the style of chair you select this can either dress up or dress down your stable and give you the feel you want in your dining space. A dining room set with matching pieces tends to make less of a statement.

Eos Pendelleuchte von Vita. Auch Ć¼berm Esstisch zu Eames Chairs eine gute Wahl, da blendfrei gefiltertes Licht:

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