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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How home staging helps sell your home

"My fiance and I are now living together, and we want to put my place up for sale. Is it worth it to stage the house? It is empty, so doesn't that make it look bigger and that way a buyer can picture themselves in there? We just want to know what staging will do to help us sell."

This is something we can definitely help you with.  We have staged lots of properties for clients to help get them sold.

Home staging is a great tool to help buyers visualize how to live in the space, it helps to highlight the features of your home and also show off the size of your home.  Home staging isn't just about furniture that's only one part of it. Selling an empty or vacant property is actually really tough.  Empty rooms are cold and emotionless - that means buyers aren't connecting with the house.  Have you ever seen photos of an empty room? It's really hard to tell if the room is large, small or just the right size...Many people do not have the ability to picture their things and their life when looking at a vacant property. There is no WOW factor with a vacant property so buyers don't take notice.

 Home Staging before and after photos

A good home stager will come and view the vacant property (usually with you and often with your agent) and he/she will give suggestions on any repairs, cleaning, depersonalizing, decluttering and updates that are needed.  A home stager knows what buyers are looking for, your agent can also give you some insight as to what your competition is offering (flooring, counter tops etc...) but also what the buyer expectation is at your price point. Buying a home is an emotional connection - it is something the buyer feels when they walk in the door.  Home staging helps with setting the scene and connecting with buyers on an emotional level. Plus buyers are looking to buy their NEW home, they don't want your old one - so the prep work to get it looking it's best!

 Lovely Staging Props and Room.      -The KormendyTrott Team - Century 21 Miller Real Estate Oakville:

Your home stager will work with you and your budget to get the property up to par before moving in any furniture items.
 Details are so important when selling:

 - A fresh coat of paint in a current tone can do wonders for any property.

- Small updates like new cabinet hardware and a tile back splash can totally transform a kitchen

- Brighter light bulbs in existing light fixtures can really help any room

-Fixing up any small repairs will give buyers a good feeling about 'their new home'

-A good and thorough cleaning feels great! You want to make a fantastic first impression on your potential buyers.

When it comes to the final step of furnishing the home with staging furniture, your stager will have a plan.  He/She has figured out how to best show off this property by making it look clean and bright but also large and current.  The proper scale and placement of furniture make a big difference in flow plus using the right accents like colour and texture really give your photos a 'pop' and set the scene!

I love a good before and after home staging by

So why would staging help you?

Well, having your home professionally staged will set you apart from the competition. Having the right pieces, colours, updates and more will make you stand out from the crowd in any market.

1. Your staged property will always photograph better and in this day and age, your online photos are basically your first showing - when your photos look great, the phone starts ringing and the private viewings are booked!  Home staging will increase the amount of showings at your property.

2. Now that you have more showings, the agents start to take notice and that piques everyone's interest  - your property is hot!

3. A hot property means offers - could be a quick offer early into the process because the buyer agent knows this one won't last long or it could mean you have a number of interested buyers leading to multiple offers.

Home staging helps :

-make your property looks its best and present what buyers want

- by giving you the best online photos to be used in marketing materials and social media

- get more interest in your property and more viewings

- get the property sold for top dollar and quickly

While house hunting can be tiring, it's not a good idea to relax on the seller's furniture.:

Best wishes on the sale of your home and remember it's really important for your own stress level and bottom line to work with true professionals who will help you feel good about the presentation and sale of your property.

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