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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to mix formal and modern decor styles

"I have inherited a more formal style dining table and chairs.  I like it but my own style is a bit more modern.  How can I use this furniture without completely changing my style?"

This is a great question! And this is something that we are seeing more and more of...whether it's inheriting family heirlooms or the merging of two people - mixing different styles of decor can seem very overwhelming but don't let it stress you out!  What we love about merging different styles together is that you get a different end result every time.  Say good-bye to those cookie cutter rooms - this is where true individuality blooms!

 A modern painting and upholstery on chairs will amp up a traditional dining room

Now that you know our own style is more modern, we assume that you have some modern pieces in your space already or you plan to purchase.  You have options how to incorporate this set into you life depending on how open you are to change. When it comes to modernizing a space you don't necessarily have to change the furniture sometimes just updating the pieces around it can be enough!

Upholstery - a traditional set of dining room furniture would have some pretty traditional upholstery on the chairs so to make it more modern, get those chairs re-upholstered in a modern fabric.  You really can do anything - pattern, print, texture, colour - it's up to you! This gives your dining chair a fresh look. You don't have to go totally wild, you could stick with a timeless stripe but in a more current colour way or try an animal print like cheetah, oversized and bright florals can also modern up a more formal chair.

black tie dyed vintage mud cloth . antique frame
* This old chair gets new life with a tie-dye upholstery in a charcoal and white - so unique, truly a one of a kind piece.

New chairs - adding some new chairs with a more current look with give the whole set a new feel.  Matching sets are a bit more traditional so this one change will give the whole space a modern look.  You could mix up this option with the first option, and have more modern captain chairs and keep the traditional ones with the rest of the set.  Find a common thread between all of the chairs, so this is where upholstery comes into play.

Here, There, and Everywhere: Walls of Books in Every Room of the House | Apartment Therapy:
*Look at how modern this room looks! The fresh white tulip chairs with pink seat paired with this dark stained traditional table - so unique! 

Paint - we all know that paint can completely transform a room so imagine what it can do for furniture!  This is a big step, so if this is a valuable heirloom you might not want to exercise this option.  You will also want to get this done professionally.  Painting a traditional piece will give it new life and a whole new vibe in your space. 

Personal style through color, pattern and texture- Dimples and Tangles: MY THANKSGIVING TABLE: BLOGGER STYLIN' HOME TOURS:
*Pairing this China cabinet in a Kelly green gives it a punch and an update in this space.  Also note the mix of chairs and varied prints in the room.  The pops of colour bring the more traditional pieces to life!

Statement piece -  so lighting makes a huge difference in a home.  When light fixtures look dated the whole space looks dated.  So to give your room a modern look, update that light fixture and make a statement! A modern traditional table with an interesting light fixture above it will give the whole room a fresh look plus it really shows off your decor style! (Always have your chandelier switch on a dimmer)

The modern bulb chandelier and artwork pairs perfectly with this traditional pedestal dining table:
 *This traditional table and area rug paired with a more casual chair makes the room less formal in look and feel.  Adding the industrial light fixture and the black and white abstract over sized art really gives this room so much flare.

Over sized art - this much like the light fixture can really give a room a fresh update.  Something about an over sized art piece not only looks expensive but it also looks fresh and current.  Think about displaying your favourite pieces in a different way - a gallery wall mixing old and new, or a more casual display where you lean and layer.

Black and white floral
* sometimes is all about the presentation.  This room would have a very different look and feel if these art pieces were hung as opposed to the layered leaning style on the sideboard. 

Paint colour- to give your dining room a more modern feel look at your wall paint colour.  Is it a mid tone? More modern looking spaces tend to choose a paint tone on either side of the spectrum - either dark or light. Before you pick a side, be sure to look at the items going in the room, like the furniture and the art pieces and of course, don't forget about the light!

| EA | Antique with Modern  Modern chairs with antique table.:
 *The light walls allow for the table and the art to really pop in this space.

Wallpaper - adding some visual interest to a wall in your dining space is another way to give that room a modern look.  You can still hang your art pieces over the wallpaper - this will give the space a very designer look.  This is a great option if you don't have a lot of wall space to hang art or if you have traditional looking wall panels that give the room a more traditional feel.

Saarinen table and bold wall covering, pair perfectly with the warm leather side chairs and traditional wainscoting.:
 *In this room, because of the windows, there isn't a lot of wall space for art so wallpaper on the wallspace is a perfect choice.  This also plays down the more traditional wall panels.

 Area rug - this is like art on the floor and it can really help set the tone for your dining room.  The possibilities are endless in terms of design, texture, colour and print.  Find something that you love and paired with a more traditional set this will  really give your room an updated look. One style that we are seeing a lot of is a perfect blend of a traditional rug but the colour has almost an ombre finish - so you get a traditional or even vintage vibe with a modern twist, so transitional!

Find dining room rug and decor inspiration with these photos selected by the experts at domino magazine. The rugs in these rooms are gorgeous statement rugs, including dyed moroccans, persian rugs, and quite a few bold patterns and colors.:
 *This area rug is the perfect mix of traditional and modern - the ombre effect makes it more current looking and also less formal.  It pairs nicely with the simple art, vintage furniture and modern light fixture 

Don't feel that a more formal or traditional dining set will limit your style or change it completely.  Get creative! Incorporate that inherited piece with some modern elements to give your dining room a look that is totally unique and totally you!

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