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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Where to save and where to spend when buying furniture

"We have bought our first home and we need to make a lot of furniture purchases.  We see the price tags and the costs add up, and quickly.  When it comes to buying furniture - which pieces are worth splurging on and where can we save?"

Congratulations of your home purchase ! What an exciting time! Furnishing and decorating your first home is a fun experience, it is a great way to bring your sense of style into
YOUR space.  But you are right, the costs can really add up and very quickly.

The first thing you need to do - is figure out your budget.  Your budget is determined by what you feel comfortable spending.
Figure out:
What you need to buy?
What (if anything is coming with you from your last place)?
Are you getting any furniture pieces from friends or family?
What would you like to have but it's not needed now.
This is a great guide to figure out what you need to spend now and what to focus on later.

Mini living room re-do! Classic black, white, and gold with pops of navy. Gallery wall & large velvet tufted ottoman add some cute finishes. So happy with all we did on a $500 budget. [Decor from Homesense, Urban Barn, and Target]:

When it comes to actual items that are worth the extra cost, we have some suggestions.

- Sofa, it is worth to spend on a sofa but again be sure it is an amount you feel comfortable with.  Not everyone feels good about spending $5,000 on a sofa.  But when it comes to sofas, there is a quality and comfort difference that is attached to price.  We also suggest 'test driving' a sofa in person - make it is comfortable and supportive - don't just buy a great deal because it is a great deal.

- Mattress, you will sleep every night on that mattress so find the right one and be sure to check them out in person.  Buy the best mattress that you can afford.  You don't want to live with neck and back pain everyday because the mattress was a great deal!

- Flooring, if your current home has ugly or dated flooring or flooring that is is terrible shape, it is worth spending now on the update (before you move in). 

- Labour, when it comes to work that's being done in your home, don't skimp - it will be noticeable and you will end up spending more to have someone else come in and fix what was already done. 

- Window coverings, we would put this on the 'maybe later' part of your list but that does depend on your size and style of windows.  If you have a standard size window, store bought pre-packaged panels with a rod will be just fine.  Custom window drapery varies in price but if you have oversized windows, or odd shaped windows - the extra cost is worth it.

Gray and yellow in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gray and yellow continued to be a popular color palette for homes in 2012, and Houzzers loved the inspiration that this living room provided. Even though the room uses several very different patterns, soothing gray tones help tie the entire space together.:

Where can you save?

On just about everything else.  You might be at a point in your life where you are figuring out your taste and style and this is a great time to experiments with less expensive pieces like dining chairs, armchairs, rugs and bedding.

Cool mix of modern and vintage:

When you move into your first place it is exciting but also a bit overwhelming.  Many feel that they need to drop a fortune to furnish their place.  Don't spend anymore than you are comfortable with and don't invest in anything that you don't love or is uncomfortable - it's not worth it!  True personal style comes from mixing the pieces, colours and textures that you love and building that 'nest' takes some time....Rome wasn't built in a day!

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