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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Kitchen accessories

“I’m looking to add more colour to my kitchen without breaking the bank? What do you suggest??”

Great Question! There are so many accessory options and various forms of décor that can make a world of difference in a space. Sometimes a fresh colour palette is all your home needs!

Adding a pop of colour is a fantastic idea.. make sure when choosing that pop of colour it is something that flows nicely with your current décor and colour -scheme. Small colourful updates are a fantastic facelift but look best when they complement the existing décor. If you have a very neutral palette your options are endless! If you are locked into a certain colour, I suggest finding a colour that balances your room. If you are having trouble with that, typically a dark kitchen could use some lighter pieces and vice versa. If you have a kitchen that has lots of colour in the cabinetry, or countertop, choose a great neutral accent to tone down the existing colour palette. 


1. STOVE: Add a pop of colour by adding a new teapot/ kettle to your stove. This is a budget friendly find that you can buy in ANY colour. Plus that adds some interest to your stove. Adding new hand towels in various colours and patterns is an instant refresh. 

2. Add cookbooks in a corner in a stacked pile to add variety. Choose something with an interesting title, or a nice cover that balances your style.

 Image result for cookbooks

3. ColourfulUtensils: a yellow spatula? Red spoon? Update the jar that you keep the tools in. These are inexpensive updates that will make big difference. 

4. Stools: This one is a larger ticket item, but if you shop around, finding a new stool set is a great update to modernize a space or even add a new texture such as wood or leather.

5. Add a few beautiful accessories such as candles, small sculptures, soap dispensers, any small item that is ‘new’ to your space will make a difference. Jars for sugar, coffee etc are small items that are easy to add as well.

Beautiful items, or else buy a set of 4 glasses, plates and bowls to use as ‘art’ for your cabinets.

6. Greenery is a nice addition to a kitchen, fresh flowers brighten a space without committing to a colour. If you’re undecided on what palette you’d like to incorporate, start by adding colourful fresh flowers to see how the colours are accent your kitchen. Putting them in a nice vase doesn’t hurt either.

7. If you have a glass cabinet, try updating a few glasses or plates. If all your cabinets are glass, I don’t suggest doing this necessarily, but if there is one that you can emphasize, use this as a display cabinet and showcase your most show-worthy pieces.


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