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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Gallery Walls

“I love the look of Gallery walls but am not sure how to make mine look as good as the ones I see in magazines.. what are the rules for creating a personalized, and esthetically pleasing gallery wall?”

Creating a gallery wall in your home is an amazing way to showcase your homes personality. When it comes to gallery walls, pretty well anything goes. It depends on the look that you are going for. 

 We have something similar to this at my house, all of our pictures from birth to now...this is a MUST in my future home, I love looking at memories when im walking through the house

Let's start with a few general measurementsuggestions
Before putting a hammer to the wall, try marking where your frames are going to go. Not everyone has a fantastic eye and can guess dead on every time. I would suggesting laying out a college on the floor underneath where the gallery wall will be going. Be sure to have a measuring tape, level, hammer, proper hooks and a pencil on hand.

I suggest spacing 2-3 inches in between frames and accents.

Tips for framing wall calendar art into beautiful gallery walls. The Creativity Exchange

If your decorating style is pretty streamlined, I suggest using symmetry. Groupings are most effective if they are hung with some commonality in mind. Ideally, creating a square or rectangular shaped display is most visually pleasing but frame sizes will likely vary, and you won’t have a perfectly shaped outline. Try to space the frames 2-3” apart for maximum effect. When creating a streamlined Gallery wall, we recommend some sort of cohesive effect between the photos. Frames all in the same colour, the mats inside the frame being the same, maybe all the photo’s being black and white. Something should tie the photos together, unless of course you are trying to achieve a very eclectic look…


An eclecticgallery wall is a compilation of items and photos and wall décor that you love. Anything goes with an eclectic style of décor. Of course, there is an art to creating a visually pleasing eclectic look. Make sure there is some repetition of items.. not everything needs to be doubles, but maybe having a few of the same frame mixed with your collection of pieces will help to make sense of the décor.
I suggest not only having frames. Adding some other décor elements personalize this collage to you and your home. Try adding a few mirrors, or antlers, letters, or quotes into your gallery wall for added interest. I also love having a few different frames as accents. Mixing both personal photos with artwork is another interesting visual for your home.

 Create a Pottery Barn inspired wall with lots of sentiment and meaning! Like this idea with NY

I’m a big fan of decorating with what you love. It’s your home and its you who has to love it. So if you want to mix a bunch of things together that you are in love with… do it. Just make sure your spacing is accurate 

 Fizz56 Dream Room Makeover: Winner's Home Tour #theeverygirl // #studio apartment // #gallerywall // graphic rug // white couch // black gold white

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