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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrity Style At Home: Stacy London

 by Chloe Daly...

Within moments of stepping into Stacy London's Brooklyn apartment, we felt completely at ease. It was airy, fluid, and filled with objects that seemed carefully considered, not staged by a decorator. It's common wisdom that a space's energy reveals much about its owner, and in this case, it couldn't be more true. We were totally smitten with London's easygoing nature — "Feel free to move anything around!" — and the way she talks about her home not just as a crash pad, but as a memory-filled sanctuary she's created in the 10 years she's lived there.

Fresh after the premiere of her new show Love, Lust or Run (where she makes over women with extreme style), she was ready to spend some time in repose in her sacred space. She kindly chatted with us about style transformation, trying new things (swimming!), and her intense obsession with Etsy.

And, when her darling 18-year-old feline, Al, threw up on the couch, we watched with admiration as she handled it with the greatest aplomb. Three and a half hours later, we had enough transcripts and photos to write our biography. But, we didn't want to leave. Not so secretly, we're hoping to get invited back for one of her famed Game of Thrones viewing parties. She makes a mean muddled gin cocktail.
 You've been in this space for 10 years now. What is your relationship like with it?
"The big thing about this renovation is how much I’ve changed. I wanted everything to be shiny and sparkly in the beginning, and I was thinking all sorts of details and trim on the walls... But, I've changed so much since I was on What Not to Wear and left and started all these other projects. I feel so much softer. My house didn’t reflect that; it didn’t feel homey — it felt kind of like a museum.

"Recently, a lot of [making it different] was just moving things that I already owned around to different places. The leopard ottomans that are now in the dressing room were upstairs. I had a huge orange rug that had a giant pink flower on it. If you Google, you can see the old apartment, and you’ll be like, what happened?"

 London arranged her art-gallery style within cubbyholes, making her TV fit in seamlessly and unnoticed.

Tell us about your dinosaur and dragon collection.
"I love inserting humor into a space. I can’t stand when you go into someone’s house and it feels like a mausoleum. If you don’t have tchotchkes, I don’t trust you."

 Your space has a such a mix of pieces from different eras that it's hard to put a finger on it.
"I don’t like one style only. It’s weird if you’re going to do Italian modern with French country — that’s a little tough to pull off sometimes. But, what I have here is the result of being in this space for 10 years. It was my first apartment buy, and I had no idea what I was doing. It’s taken 10 years of moving through this space to understand what I wanted it to feel like. That’s why I have such huge respect for architects and interior designers. The way you understand space is key. I haven’t completely figured it out, but I'm getting there."

 Her love of Darth Vader can be seen throughout the apartment, from nesting dolls on her bookshelves to this artwork from 20x200 by photographer Alex Brown.

The women on your new show have pretty extreme dressing choices, and a lot of it stems from self-image issues. What was it like working on such deep issues?
"I wanted to let them take me to some place... I think it took one season to figure what works. For example, Tanika is a pool shooter, so I had her take me to shoot pool because I suck at it. And, it wasn’t in the episode, but you see how she’s empowered [that] I’m thrown off. So, a couple of the episodes later, you have me doing things where I'm making a total fool of myself."

Also, these jeans!
"When I bought these in 1999, everyone was like, what the f*** are you doing? Back to the future. I don’t even think Diesel would think of making them now, it’s funny."

Stacy's jacket is from Haute Hippie.

Love, Lust or Run airs on TLC, Friday nights at 9/8c.

An apartment is never done. Stacy is in the process of having these chairs reupholstered. Farrow & Ball paint and her own framed target-practice sheets make a subtle vignette. 

The artwork "I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness" was a commissioned piece from one of Stacy's favorite Etsy artists, NayArts.

 We're in love with the strong reflection on this piece, as well as the black-and-white pairings.

The glass vases are by GlassByNate on Etsy and the photograph by Alex Prager.

 A bright bedspread balances sweetly against the pale, pinky-peach wall that separates her bedroom from the stairwell.

 In the bedroom, there's a mix of modern (the word art Stacy made herself) and vintage (the bust with jewels).

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