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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Live Clutter Free!

Clutter is one big enemy of peaceful living.  To live with rooms that do not increase your stress level and have a feeling of calm, the aim is for organization, efficiency and personalization.  Basically, your space should be filled with what you use and need the most; and surround yourself with personal objects that have meaning.

When it comes to selling your home, decluttering is a great way to prepare for the big move into your new home but also it will present your home much better to buyers.  Decluttering is a huge (and in expensive) element to staging your home for sale. 


Here are 7 simple steps to eliminate clutter from your life!

1 - Take inventory. Like a business owner, search out obsolete, broken or damaged goods, decor items that have 'lost their lustre' and items in duplicate (you are never going to use more than one garlic crusher).  These items are taking up valuable storage space (and display space) but more importantly they are adding to the chaos and stress in your life.  Let it go!

2 - Prioritize. Gain control!  If you don't drink or entertain often is a full liquor cabinet necessary? Don't play tennis or ski anymore? Maybe it's time to donate that old sports equipment and take back that space in your basement, front hall or garage.  Be honest and be realistic.  If you haven't touched it in more than a year, it's very likely you won't be needing it anytime soon.

3 - Control Chaos. Enjoy the beauty around you, but that is hard to do when you are surrounded by clutter.  An absence of clutter doesn't mean you have a sterile existence.  Try displaying your collections and possessions in an artful way so they can be enjoyed and appreciated.  This adds a personalized and welcome touch to your home decor.


4 - Lug away. Remove the unnecessary.  Gather plenty of boxes, bags and bins and grab a good marker and tape.  Pre-label several boxes: Charity, Garage Sale and Garbage.  Make a promise to yourself to let the items go once you put them in the appropriate box.

5 - Tackle. Take the strategy of tackling one room at a time, this will keep you motivated without feeling overwhelmed.  Address that room's most clogged area first and ask yourself 'what you really spend time doing in this space'.  If you only bake cookies at holiday time, then maybe it's time to relocate or give away the 300 cookie cutters you have collected over the years.


6 - Everything has a place. make a plan that works for you.  A glass bowl at the front entry for keys and mail makes sense.  Hooks in the mudroom or at the front door for backpacks.  when everything has a designated space you automatically feel more organized (and less stressed).  Introducing a new system to the family? Maybe you have started a new plan for the placement of backpacks, school communication and lunch will take time to get everyone into that routine, but ti will be worth it, so don't give up!

7 - Re-evaluate. On the regular.  Create systems that support your new clutter free living.  Have a standing annual date with Goodwill or another organization that picks up items you no longer need.  every November my family goes through our toys and we donate a bunch of toys and books to local charities. 

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