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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Paint it Black! Decorating with Black at Home

The shade Black in home decor can be very intimating for a lot of people but black is a wonderful accent in a home and it does so much.

It adds richness and depth to otherwise insignificant rooms like this powder room.  The black painted walls aren't for everyone (or every style) but they really add some glamour to this space.  The white plumbing fixtures are a natural high contrast and the touches of gold add to the luxury. This powder room really makes a statement!

Black can really work with just about any decor style (it's a cross over like Taylor Swift coming from the country music world into the pop scene) .  These black lamp shades with the glass bases are very balanced and flanking this natural wood table, wool blanket and wing back chair - it all works! 

Black helps anchor a space from being washed away.  Without these black Barcelona chairs and leather ottoman, this tone one tone room would be very boring.  The black chairs bring focus to the space but they don't over power the room.  a little black can make a big impact.

The small black accents in this guest bedroom also help to anchor this room, too.  The task lighting flanking the bed make the room feel more intimate and the over sized Euro sham pillows in black add luxury, too

Black brings sophistication.  The black headboard, lamp shades and black and white photography on the walls bring a maturity and sophistication to the pink room.  Without the black elements this room would look very childish

Pink is an unusual choice for an adult's bedroom but the touches of black and the styling make it more sophisticated but still fun.

This living room is full of drama yet it is still comfortable.  The black accent wall is very rich but not overwhelming.  Many would be afraid of painting any wall in their home black as it is extremely dark but with the added detail (the boxed cross flanking the fireplace) adds a whole other level of sophistication to the room.  the other pops of black (the furry pillow, the delicate arm chair by the fireplace and the industrial light fixture) add fun and interesting elements to the room as well.  But this space is well balanced so it doesn't appear dark (and gothic) the pops of lime green, the white wing back chair, the white area rug, white walls and white mantle keep it all in perspective.  This look isn't for the faint of heart but if you love drama and all things bold - this is all you!!

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