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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Challenges of Having Dogs at Home (But We Love Them Anyway)

You love him so much, but you put up with a lot for your pup.

We love dogs....they are cute, sweet, cuddly and always there for us.  They certainly have a way of making a mark on our heart and our homes....
To all the dog lovers out there...only you will understand.  But somehow even with these 'problems' we still love our furry little friends, that's unconditional love.

1. Drool in the spot on the sofa where you were about to sit. Or, oops, you did sit.

2. Fur all over the house. And the car. And everything you own. You didn't think he was supposed to shed that much, but your black dress now had a thin layer of white over it.

3. Wet dog smell after he comes in from the rain. Also, paw prints on your floor and the potential of being sprayed when he shakes himself off.

4. No space to spread out in your bed. If you let him sleep with you, he will undoubtedly pick a prime spot and leave you huddled on the side. And you will go along with it

5. Low coffee tables, long tails. That glass is neither half full nor half empty. It's just empty. Because the water is all over your floor and your magazines.

6. An inability to vacuum without him freaking out. He doesn't know what that machine in your hand is, but he does not like it.

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