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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bold Meet Traditional....

Many of our projects revolve around clients who have existing pieces (either passed down from family members or the blending of households or just past purchases that they don't want to replace) that they would like to modernize.  Some clients are open to total overhauls of items but others want to maintain the integrity of those pieces and incorporate them into a more modern overall design.  So what are some easy tips to make a traditional living room more playful and bold?

Try adding bold colour, graphic patterns and drama in terms of scale.  These three elements will easily update your space.

This image is a great example of traditional with a twist.

You see all 3 of the above mentioned elements in this room.  The daring orange accents to the over sized floral and geometric prints. 

Mixing several patterns in a room gives a sophisticated layered look and adds whimsy to the space, the key to mixing prints is to use a variety of scales bringing in visual interest and depth into the space. 

If you are nervous about a bold bright colour like orange, just try it in accessories like pillows, lamps and other decorative details - that way you can ease yourself into the colour without making a big commitment.
Make a statement with a bold , big and colourful art piece - that instantly updates a space with a twist.

When traditional pieces are paired with unexpected elements like bold colour, prints and patterns, and big pieces - you make an impact without having to compromise the integrity of your traditional items

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