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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas is favourite gifts to give....

It's now December, it's hard to believe but Christmas is only 25 days away!  Have you started your shopping?  I'm going to share my favourite gifts to give this holidays season

Have a wine lover on your list?  try the Corkcicle!  I've purchased this for a number of people on my list including my son;s teachers.  It's easy to use and gets good reviews and is something that most people don't have yet.  It replaces the bulky ice bucket to keep your wine perfectly chilled.  and for the beer lover, try the Chillsner


 Ingeniously simple and conveniently portable, Corkcicle keeps whites and rosés perfectly chilled and bring reds to the optimal drinking temp, without over-cooling or diluting the wine.


  • Made from natural cork and BPA-free plastic, filled with non-toxic freeze gel
  • Easy to use: just freeze the Corkcicle and pop it into any uncorked wine bottle
  • Slide it part of the way out to pour your wine; when the bottle's empty, rinse the Corkcicle and store it in the freezer until next time
  • Keeps chilled wines at the perfect temperature, without the dripping and sloshing of an ice bucket (or the worry of over-chilling)
  • Gently cools room-temperature red wines to bring out the subtleties of flavor and bouquet
 One important tip, pour one glass of wine first before inserting the corkcicle, otherwise the wine will spill over

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