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Friday, December 6, 2013

How to Host a Holiday Party

Let's take the guess work out of hosting a holiday party this year....

Here's the top 10 dinner party must-haves.....

1.  If you are going in a formal direction for this dinner party, a printed invite is classy but also personal, it's special and everyone loves getting mail.  I love these fun paper invites by two guitars available on Etsy.

Utensil Thank You - 6-Pack Gocco Screen Printed Thank You Cards

2.   A stylish centerpiece really adds something to the ambiance of the evening.  you don't have to be frilly or formal - i love something simple like a few flowers in a clear vase or votives in mason jars.  these simple glass vases are from CB2


3. Think so something fun like  craft paper on the table, you can use it to play games while you eat and drink.  It's make the evening more playful - I also love this idea for a kids' table during any holiday family meal

4.  Tiered trays are perfect for dessert but also appetizers.  I love that you can stack vertically and you still have room on the table, a crowded table can be uncomfortable and you are more likely to have spills.  there is a stunning wood cheese board tiered tray available at Bed, Bath and Beyond

5.  What's a dinner party without a few cocktails?  You could get inspired with a signature drink for the evening or just stock the bar with basics but don't forget the bar accessories 

6.  Over sized serving platters are perfect for family style meals, who says a dinner party has to be formal?   You will get a lot of use of over sized serving platters so it's worth spending a bit more plus it is a great gift to give someone who loves to entertain.

7.  Glassware is a must.  Personally, I have two boxes of extra wine glasses i store in my basement and bring out whenever I host a cocktail party.  If you want to add an extra touch to your glassware, try monogrammed glassware from West Elm

8. A wine decanter looks amazing but also serves a purpose especially if you plan on serving a savoury red wine, plus it adds another touch of glam to the table.

9.  Dessert stands can actually be a beautiful centerpiece displaying stunning cakes and desserts on the table. I've seen some beautiful cake stands at Homesense

10. Flatware in a versatile style is a must.  There was a time when you had a formal and a casual set but you will get much more use out of a versatile set.

Calypso Flatware - Set

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