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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas is coming....My favourite gifts to give.....

If you have a child or two on your list, why not give the gift of reading!  With so many technology and electronic toys and gadgets, life gets busy and it's time to disconnect a bit and escape with a book.  It's a great bedtime ritual for kids and parents, too. There are so many choices so how do you choose?  I love the 'shop by age' category for Chapters and other retailers.

 Elf on the Shelf

But you can also share some Christmas classics or some of your childhood favourites, too!  My kids' love a lot of my old books and they love the classic Dr. Seuss books.and if you have a tween or teen on your list, there are tons of great options out there too!

Catching Fire: The Second Book of The Hunger Games

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