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Monday, January 13, 2014

Clean House - Cleaning the things we forget to clean

Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to keep a cleaner house?  I find at the start of every year I try to improve the condition of my home with better organizing, more maintenance, updating, DE-cluttering and more thorough cleaning. 

It's easy to forget certain areas of the home, we just simply over look them but even just cleaning the small stuff makes a big impact

1 - What state are your lamp shades in?  Check out this great tip for a quick and easy clean for your lamp shades


2 - Get rid of those yucky coffee stains from the bottom of your mugs with this easy peasy tip using a baking soda recipe.

3 - Start sterilizing your sponges this year, not sure how?  Click here to find out more

4 - I have cleaned my mattress with baking soda but I know many people have not, try this lavender and baking soda recipe to get your mattress nice and fresh

5 - Make those faucet sparkle and shine with a simple combo of : vinegar and paper towel.

6 - Baskets are great for easy storage but they do get dusty, check out this tutorial to learn how to get them dust-free

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