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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

christmas is coming...My favourite gifts to give....

sometimes it's hard to buy for in-laws, your parents or even close of my favourite gifts is by Sticks and Stones .  

It is a truly uniqure and one of a kind gift for someone's home.  These is a bank of "Alphabet Photography" and you can spell anything you like (a few years ago I gave everyone a framed alphabet photography piece spelling their last name).  You also get to select your frame and matting, too. You can spell naything you like.

and right now, they have a buy one, get one 50% sale - take advantage if you have multiple people to buy for.  We bought one for ourselves and it is above our fireplace mantle.

You can see what the final product will look like, too before you buy.

I also love this as a wedding or anniversary gift.

 "If you want a totally original keepsake, this is it." - OPRAH

alphabet photography

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