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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Easy One day Make-over Room Ideas

Looking for some make-over ideas to change up your space this coming year?  Check out some of these simple ideas, that don't involve totally over hauling your space, sometimes just tweaking what you have can be just as fresh and dramatic!

1 - Pull the furniture together.  The go-o when arranging furniture in a room is to push furniture up against the wall but that doesn't always work.  If the furniture is too far apart it's difficult to  have a conversation and entertain in.  Try pulling furniture away from the walls leaving about 30 inches behind the piece for flow through

2 - Supersize your cocktail table.  If your guests need to stand up the get their drink or snack from the cocktail table there is something wrong with the arrangement.  there should be about 1 foot between the table and the seating to create cohesion and function in the space.  In a large room you may want to look for an over sized cocktail table or double them up.

3.  Think seating. Especially if you like to entertain, you don't need a gigantic sofa in the middle of the room to encourage conversation.  You rarely see 3 people sitting side by side on a sofa in a conversation but you do see people engaged in great discussion when seated in chairs that face each other or are angled toward each other.

4.  Accent with pattern and colour.  If you love a pattern but are challenged by a small space, think about other ways to use the pattern.  You could get pattern in there through fabric chairs, pillows, drapes and an area rug but why not try something really different like wall paper the back of bookcases.  Not sure about wall paper, you could use a pop of colour with paint


 5.  Tight space but busy space try a swivel chair!  If you have a small space like a den that is a popular room try swivel chairs that are comfortable and sleek.  They offer ease of movement and they will be a favourite with just about everyone!

6.  Big Impact with Art.  You don't need to use small art in small rooms.  Make an impact with one over sized pieces which is a clean and sophisticated look with big drama or opt for a grouping of art pieces.  Keep one arrangement per wall for major impact. A grouping of art is a great way to display a number of pieces you like in a fresh way, you can mix frames and styles of art or keep it very streamlined with same shape, same frames and same style

 7.  Don't be afraid to block windows.  Furniture doesn't have to be placed up against a solid wall, sometimes you just don't have that option.  Make your architecture work, if you have a window wall (like many in condos would) look for low pieces that are also streamlined, they will be functional and still allow for light and air to pass through.

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