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Friday, March 6, 2015

Maximize your small space with these 6 steps

This 175-sq-ft living room is guaranteed proof that your tiny apartment can still feel big and beautiful!

Tiny Living Room Transformation in NYC | west elm

1. Start clean + white.
An all-white room will make your space feel brighter and bigger than it really is.In this apartment, the owner, Anthony and his design team went the extra mile and pickled the floors white for a cozy Scandinavian vibe. Lighter colours make spaces look and feel more open and in a micro space like this you will need some tricks up your sleeve

2. Add a huge mirror.
The over sized vintage mirror creates an illusion of higher ceilings and opens up the room. Using your wall space to its full potential is key! Mirrors and any other reflective surface allow for light to bounce around the room making the room feel bigger and brighter

3. Think vintage.
Hit the flea markets, and maybe you’ll be lucky as this owner, Anthony. Vintage pieces are 'one of a kind' and they bring great warmth, character and personality to any space. His vintage folding farmhouse table is amazing – hard to believe it pulls-out and opens-up to seat six people.Or look for pieces that are just leaner instead of bulky and over sized

 Tiny Living Room Transformation in NYC | west elm

4. Little shelves add valuable surface space.
Coffee tables + consoles with extra shelves will double your surface space for storage + display. the design team picked an extra narrow console for Anthony’s entryway, but its still plenty big enough for dropping keys + sunglasses. In small spaces, you need to think double or even triple duty, so maximize the usability of your pieces

5. Look for nooks.
Anthony’s coffee table tucks nicely under his wall unit, so he can push it against the wall and clear some space for yoga in the mornings.

 Tiny Living Room Transformation in NYC | west elm

6. Prioritize comfort.
Comfort was a priority for Anthony, so his design team,Zio & Sons transformed the entire back wall of his living room into a space for lounging. The big sofa in a small space seems counter intuitive, but here it works! When you decorate any space you need to think about comfort and lifestyle

Tiny Living Room Transformation in NYC | west elm

 Tiny Living Room Transformation in NYC | west elm

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