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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Colour in my all-White Bathroom

"We live in a new home and we were able to pick all of our interior finishes.  We both love a white bathroom - it is so clean but our master bathroom is completely white and although we love the white it's just too white! What can we do to add some colour to the bathroom without an expensive renovation?"

White is a great 'colour' for a bathroom - it's clean, it's fresh and it's timeless! But you are right too much of anything isn't good.  Any room in one tone starts to look and feel a little one dimensional over time but have no fear, we are here to help!

Even though the bathroom is a small space, you do have a lot of opportunity to add colour, texture and personality to your bathroom.

1 - Shower Curtain - pattern, colour and maybe even texture.  To keep it simple, use the shower curtain as your inspiration or jumping off point for the other elements like the linens, paint etc...Be sure to have a liner so your shower curtain is protected from the water in the shower

Family-Friendly Bathroom | photo Michael Graydon | design Sarah Hartill | House & Home:

2 - Lovely linens - towels and a bath mat can add colour, pattern and texture. The texture of the linens adds some softness to the bathroom (which is already full of hard and smooth textures) and try mixing some colour and pattern with your towels.

Black + Yellow + White. Love this cute little bath with pops of yellow, glass enclosure shower and fully tiled walls:

3 - Framed art - look for some wall space to hang some colourful or calming art.  Photography is also a great way to add some personality to the bathroom. Find art that adds to the mood you want in the space.  there is no wrong answer and no price tag...go with what works!

Very nice bathroom remodel with creative use of of the upper window:

4 - Unique lighting - lighting is a great way to add some personality.  Overhead, vanity, sconces - bathroom lighting doesn't have to be boring.  It can add drama, glamour, elegance or even a funky vibe to your bathroom.  There are so many options for lighting and it can really enhance the look of your space - not matter what room it is!

Bathroom - Beautiful mosaic tile carpet with a back splash wrapped around the graceful tub.  More than adequate storage with wall sconces & a graceful chandelier hung in front of an arched window.  Total elegance!:

5 - "Custom" mirror - replace your builder grade basic with something framed - there are many options - this automatically and (easily) adds a custom look and feel to the bathroom.  Double sink, add 2 matching mirrors and matching vanity lighting - a very upscale look (this is also a great upgrade if you are considering selling your home).  We love this image because it mixes the framed 'custom' mirror with bold wallpaper and these sconces.  such an elevated and upscale powder room

We love this dramatic bathroom remodel.  Transform your space with new tiles, a decorative mirror, and unique lighting.:

6 - Display space - small floating shelves over the toilet or maybe a small corner on the counter top or maybe even around your tub (it depends on the layout of your bathroom and the amount of space you have).  Try adding some plant or flowers, candles and vases are also a nice touch.  We love using a small tray to group your display items together.

for my bathroom counter:

7 - Touches of wood - a few wood accents can really break up the wood and add an organic spa feel to the space. Think small accessories, wood frames mirrors, bathroom stool even wicker baskets for toiletries

Vintage + Modern Industrial living spaces via blood and champagne blog.:

8 - Paint!  adding paint colour (or wallpaper) to the walls will definitely change up the look of the bathroom and give it instant personality. Be sure to think about how you want the bathroom to feel and let that steer you towards the paint.  Something calm should have a soft and soothing tone but it you want drama opt for depth.  Because the base is white you have so many possibilties

Fresh, clean and neat...LOVE!:

9 - Get Creative - try using an unexpected piece in the bathroom like a stool or side table, these are great by the bathtub and it really adds some personality, too

A Country Farmhouse Blog: Upstairs Master Bath. The blog is about a couple's renovation of an old farmhouse. Love the plant stand.:

The great news about having an all white bathroom is that you truly have a blank canvas and you can add any accent you like.  Wood and other organic textures with calm tones can give your bathroom a beachy or spa feel; black and a metallic accent like gold can give the room a luxe or glam feel; adding aqua or even a soft pink gives the bathroom a retro look....the possibilities are endless!

Adore the cotton candy pink ceiling! #home #decor #bathroom:

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

2016 Trends for the Home

Believe it or not 2016 is around the corner! And the home fashion trends are already in the works!

What can we expect to see in the new year?

FUR (mixing textures) - Fur (faux) is hot! I find we see this year after year especially in the cooler months but this year it will be everywhere - pillows and throws of course, but rugs and furniture too!

54 rooms with gray sofas (

GOLD - We saw a bit of a comeback of gold in 2015 but we will see even more in 2016.  Lighting, plumbing, furniture - Gold is back!

glamorous room ideas | my personal “wishlist” collection of glamorous living room ideas ...:

SHINY DETAILS- think edging of furniture and hardware.  Little details that shine! So if you can't hop on the 'solid' gold train try this trend instead.  a little bit of shine can go a long way!

101 Amazing Pieces You'd Never Guess Were From HomeGoods: If you're anything like us, you've aimlessly entered HomeGoods only to walk out with 12 new decor items that you "just had to have.":

PINK (think pastels)- soft and feminine pink in art, furniture and accessories.  In paint we will see beige-pink walls, too! Often we think pale pink is only for little girls' rooms but it is branching out! It is a great soft feminine touch and it works with neutrals like beige, cream, navy, grey and more.  We love the subtle pastel pink touches in this living room.

transitional decor living room fireplace photos | Transitional Living Room with Fireplace Mantel | My House - Color a...:

BLACK - Black is never out of style but we will see a lot of black across the board this coming year.  furniture, wall paint, accessories, wall paper....oh my!

Cate's Cozy San Francisco Nest:

BLUE (especially navy)- We definitely saw a lot of navy in 2015 but it will remain in the 'trending' category in 2016.  Furniture, accessories and certainly paint - we will see a lot of painted furniture in navy blue and even kitchens. The image below is a great example of painted navy furniture combined with some shiny details

Navy Blazer Chest - Designer Looks Dad Will Love>>

FLORALS (big and bold)- Think oversize big florals in art and accessories.  Still feminine but with a modern twist.

why couldn't I do this with a fave pix?  it's all about scale ... the pix dwarfs the sofa ... the drama!:

What's great with these up coming trends is that many of them work well together.  Try black and gold, gold and fur, fur and black, navy and gold, gold and pink, pink and navy.....the possibilities are endless

How do you feel about these trends?
Do you see yourself embracing any of them in your rooms?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Fall Refresh

“I love fall home décor! As much as I’d love to buy all new pieces every year, that just isn’t in my budget. What are some fall trend ‘staples’ I should invest in?”

Fall home décor is great! So many colours, textures and patterns that are beautiful in your home. Where to begin?

It’s always super fun to stay on trend with the seasons.. but that can be pricey. In order to freshen up your décor without breaking the bank, try adding a few ‘trendy pieces’ into your space. Choose your favorites, and what will blend best into your current interior style.

Here are some suggestions for what’s hot for Fall this year:

Plaid- such a staple for fall. We love the warmth a plaid pattern brings to a space. Plaid comes in so many different colours and on many different décor items. Adding a few plaid pillows to your décor will definitely bring the season inside!

Autumn decor: sweater pillow, IKEA plaid blanket, Dear Lillie harvest pillow cover.   {Dear Lillie}:

Fur throws & fur pillows are everywhere this year! Fur & faux fur come in various colours and variations. This is such a cozy material, and the texture really makes a statement!!

Faux Fur Throw - Gray Ombre:

Animal Heads-
We have been seeing animal heads for a little while now, but they’re still coming in strong! The options are endless for animal heads in terms of colour, size & material. These are a great addition to a gallery wall, or just to add a hint of whimsy to your space.

DIY corner gallery wall - how to create a lovely gallery wall with out putting any holes in the wall!:

Deep, Rich Colours: The best time of year to introduce those rich, warm colours into your home. Burgundy’s, reds, navy’s, browns, teals are so beautiful this time of year! Bring the outside in.. fall is such a beautiful time of year for scenery, by incorporating the outside hues inside your home, you’ll be embracing the beauty of fall to its fullest! Adding pillows, throws, accessories or art in these colours will change your home for the season. 

Country Elegance / A/W 2014 / Laura Ashley / Home Collection:

Natural Materials: The best time to incorporate nature into your home! We love the look of wood all year round, but the fall is a great time to update with some new natural pieces. The warmth that wood tones bring into your home will be undeniably cozy! Look for wood accessories, reclaimed wood furniture pieces, maybe some sticks & a tall vase.

DecoArt Blog - Project - "Happy Fall" Wood Panel using a Stencil cut with the Silhouette

Textures: Textures truly make a space. Having the same material throughout can look typical and boring. The addition of different textures gives your space depth and personality. Even if your home is very monochromatic, the various textures will make your space interesting and diverse. 

It often just takes a few minor pieces to really give new life to your home.. Enjoy your fall refresh! 

Fab dining room makeover by Tin Barn Market in Almonte, ON using items the home owners already had.:

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Mad About Plaid - How and Where to Use Plaid in your Home Decor

Now that fall is almost here, we are seeing so many cozy and comfy textures like knits and flannels.  Plaid is one print that we see so much of this time of year - it just screams Fall!!  We love the look and feel of flannel plaids and they add so much comfort to any room.

Here are some of our favourite plaid looks for the home.

The plaid throw - just wrap it around yourself while reading or sitting by the fire.  It's also great in a bedroom.  Here we love it in the casual dining space at the head of the table.  Why not?

Gorgeous fall vintage inspired dining room... lovely!:

Black and White Plaid - Many think of reds, greens and blues when they hear the word 'plaid' but there are so many other colour options, so there's something for everyone.  We love the black and white plaid in this room. It adds a cozy factor to this off white wing back chair.

DIY Home Sweet Home Pillow by The Wood Grain Cottage:

Boys' Bedroom - we love plaid in a bedroom and it's perfect for boys! Durable, soft and comfortable plus they add some pattern and texture to the space without making it feel and look feminine.  This grey and white boys bedroom looks great with the pops of orange plaid.

little boy room hollymathis....also check holly's Pinterest for awesomeness and superhero party:

Decor Pillows - a plaid throw is perfect for a farmhouse or cabin look.  It's the right amount of plaid and it doesn't take over the space.  We love this chic farmhouse inspired living room with tone-on-tone plaid pillows mixed with some knitted pillows.  Totally chic and comfortable!

Great idea!  Plaid flannel and winter sweater pillow covers for the holidays!:

Vintage Country Plaid Chair - Plaid is a classic and if you love a farmhouse or vintage country style at home, try adding plaid to a furniture piece.  in our opinion a sofa is just to much but a chair or even a headboard would really make a statement. We love this streamlined chair in plaid - it has comfort and style plus paired with the soft better yellow and the styled chest of drawers you have a level of sophistication.  Country is totally cool!

Vintage Country. Ethan Allen New Country chest, Parker chair and J. Murphy Blacksmith Sign wall decor.:

If the cabin look is more your style, try a different type of plaid but we still love the idea of sticking with a classic and neutral colour palette. The image below has similar concept just more of a cabin or shabby chic angle.

Winter House Decorating Ideas:

Bedding - We love plaid in the bedroom but again you want to choose the right one for your look and colour palette.  We love the subtle and soft beige and white combination in this room.  It is perfect for a guest room or for anyone who likes a toned down and calming space. We love the mix of solids and the plaid in this room and the vintage bed frame and sconce lighting keep it from looking washed out.

Curious Details: Recent Styling Work In Country Living Magazine:

Wall paper, why not? This might seem bold and extreme but it doesn't have to be.  We love the soft and subtle look of this room and the beige and cream wallpaper accent wall just makes the room feel cozy but still works well with the elegant nature of the room.

Great photo tour of the Southern Living Idea House, in Senoia, GA -- Love the plaid paint in the sitting room!:

On the floor - we love a patterned rug and plaid works! Opt for a neutral toned plaid but it really adds some great visual interest in a room and it's a classic pattern on the floor just gives it a modern twist.

Living room with brown leather couch, patterned pillows, white walls, large plants, colorful artwork, silver coffee table, black and white checkered rug, white chair and brass floor lamp:

The nursery - this could work for a girl or a boy or just a gender neutral nursery.  This drapery, or bedding, or pillows or rugs.  But not everything.  The casual nature and the comfort would make the nursery a wonderful space for everyone even during those late, late night feedings and diaper changes.

Rustic Boy Bedroom. Cute bedroom decor!:

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

5 uses for trays and why we love them!

Trays are nothing new.  They aren't trending and they aren't usually on any one's 'must-get' list.  But we love trays.  There is something so simple and tidy about them and they can be used in so many rooms.

Trays come in different sizes, colours and materials and we love them all!  They keep items in an organized yet stylish arrangement plus when it comes to cleaning - just move the tray out of the way and clean !

When using a tray as a part of your room's decor be sure to add some decorative elements like a vase of flowers, candles something so that it just doesn't look completely functional.

1 - The living room: we love having a tray on an ottoman or even the chaise of a sectional.  they provide a flat surface for serving up snacks and drinks but they also provide a neat and tidy space for TV remotes and coasters.  But you can also use them as a display area for decor on a coffee table.

I wanted to pin this as an example of how bright a room can be with all neutral furniture - and pops of colour in throw pillows, art and accessories... PLUS, it's your ottoman!:

2 - The Kitchen:  not the usual spot for a tray but again they keep the items you need easy access to at arm's length but without the clutter.  I have one in my kitchen to hold my knife block, salt and pepper, olive oil, a tea towel and other small essentials.

Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization -- #creamofwheat #kitchen #organization:

3 - The Bathroom : a smaller tray would be needed but it saves the same purpose keeping your counter top clean and clutter free.  Depending on the look of your bathroom, you could opt for a mirrored option to add some sparkle and shine!

20 Practical And Decorative Bathroom Ideas..for when I eventually move out & get my own place :):

4 - The dresser: A tray is a great spot to group items you use everyday together.  So think lotions and potions, jewellery and scarves, make up etc...You could likely opt for a larger tray for on top of the dresser (if you have the surface space).  We also love small dishes (think tea saucers) for small jewellery items.

Dazzling Dresser - dress up a dull dresser with simple install overlays which come in a variety of shapes and designs.  Look for ones that can be painted so you can customize your look.:

5 - The Bed: Breakfast in bed!  Serving space for coffee, fruit, croissant and more...such a wonderful way to wake up someone special!  Do we need to say anything more?

How To Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed | The Vivant:

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - How to Update My Daughter's Bedroom Decor

My 11 year old daughter really wants me to update her bedroom.  She's 'over' the Disney Princess theme.  I want to update her room, I agree with her - it's time but I would like some ideas on how to make updates that will grow with her over time instead of needing another massive makeover in about 5 years.

They grow up so quickly don't they!  When you first set up your son or daughter's room we tend to go all out with a theme (and we go all out!!) and we soon realize that they have out grown that theme but our cash flow just can;t keep up!!

Having a room that transitions well from stage to stage is the way to go.

Here are some great tips!!

1 - Themes.  Stay away from specific themes. They out grow those themes so quickly. So use your child's interests to compliment instead of dominate. Instead of a theme like Princess try a colour palette instead.

20 Bedroom Paint Ideas For Teenage Girls:

2 - Furniture.  Opt for 'adult' furniture instead of children's furniture.  It is better quality and your daughter will grow into it.  A Full size or Queen size bed, for instance, may seem too big now but when she is 16 or 17 it won't.  Also opt for neutral tones furniture - a white bed is easy to work with in the future, a bright pink bed isn't! We also love the storage space that an 'adult' size dresser offers, now it may be partially empty but that will change before you know it!

DIY Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas  | Decor Ideas for Girls Room:

3 - Walls. Instead of one big bold colour like hot pink or deep purple on all of the walls, only accent one wall (ideally the wall behind the headboard).  Paint or wallpaper that one wall and keep the others neutral.  If she changes her mind about that colour or design - it's only one wall to change!

This room is one of the most popular nurseries ever uploaded in our gallery, and now it has been beautifully transformed into a big girl room.:

4 - Sections.  Make functional areas in the room, so add a workspace (we love a desk with a fun chair), think dressing area (a small corner with a full length mirror by the closet and/or armoire) perhaps a chair to lay her clothes out the night before or for reading and storage for clothing, books and more.

A pale lavender may be another option? It looks nice with white and green accents.:

5 - Art.  Instead of Disney vinyl wall decals or canvas art pieces try framed pieces instead.  They can be changed up very easily! Frame posters too - it looks so much better!

Bedroom ideas: three tips for a quick makeover | Decorazilla Design Blog:

6 - Accessories. The easiest and most affordable way to update any room! Decor pillows, lamp, chandelier, art - these small pieces make a big difference in the room and are a great way to embrace a theme without completely committing to one!

4 a teen girls bedroom that loves horses. this would be the best bed room for a country girl!!!:

7 - Personal touches.  Add some personal touches to the space - try changing out hardware on your dresser, a faux fur accent rug, a bulletin board is a great space to add photos and other memorabilia

IKEA Hemnes Dresser with Pink Knobs in a Bright Matryoshka Doll Nursery:

Remember when it comes to decorating don't be afraid to 'go outside of the box'.  Who says a girl's bedroom has to be pink, purple or floral .  You can do anything you want!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Small Bedrooms with Big Style

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, the possibilities are really endless.  It is your own private retreat from the rest of the world - so it really is YOUR space! This is the perfect blank canvas to express your personal style and surround yourself with what you love!

Forget the 'rules' and go for it! Colour, pattern, print, texture...all at once, why not?

Not sure what do to? Here are some ideas to get you started

1. ACCENT WALL - This can be as bold or as subtle as you like.  It's up to you.  An accent wall in the bedroom is best located where the headboard will be - for maximum impact.  Wallpaper is a great option but paint is too.  We love the softness of a understated accent wall. This is a great example of a tone on tone bedroom with a romantic touch

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Yellow Bedroom Ideas - Tone-on-Tone Yellow Bedroom - Paint Color Schemes:

But you can also be bold and expressive with deep or bright colours and print. this deep Sapphire blue painted accent wall adds some punch to the room

I already have Chevron in my bedroom bathroom in my accent pillows and bathroom rugs but I love this west Elm bedspread. I love it paired with the Peacock blue color too!:

Another great way to make a statement on your headboard wall is with a gallery wall.  A collection of art, photos and more is so special and personal and ideal for a bedroom. What's great about the gallery wall in this room is the mix of frames - the white frames blend in with the wall colour so you don't get a cluttered look.

2 - OVER SIZED ART - in any space adds instant luxury and make a room look and feel expensive.  Like an accent wall it can be bold or subtle and it makes impact but you don't need the commitment of paint or wallpaper.

Navy accent wall, white bedding, rug at foot of bed. Now change all camel accessories and white walls to grey.:

3 - SIMPLE YET STYLISH BEDDING - it never goes out of style so you could invest (you will notice a difference in feel and quality).  Plain white has that boutique hotel look but if that's too simple for you opt for a clean and crisp design (stripe, chevron or a clean floral). If you like a little more colour and pattern in your bedding opt for a throw blanket or quilt at the foot at the bed and some throw pillows.

guest room (minus the hats)...i love the colors:

 4 - LIGHTING - make a statement with some amazing lighting.  A chandelier over the bed is a great touch but if you don't have that ability try some sconces (perfect for reading and for smaller bedrooms) or some incredible table lamps. Even with recessed lighting you will want to bedside lighting for reading and other tasks.  Layering your light allows more light in the room.

For a touch of drama, this homeowner added black in various fabrics as well as in the plates and frames on the walls. Bold chevron stripes on the pillows mixed with a classic duvet pattern brings contemporary elements to the mix.:

5 - INCREDIBLE HEADBOARD - a headboard is another great way to make a statement and express your personal style.  We are seeing over sized, tufted, printed, leather, wing back, nailheads, reclaimed barn wood and so many more.  The headboard is a great focal point in the room and you can get so creative with it.

stylish interior design 10 Love the room, screams of the seaside but I sure would hate to reach for a magazine under the board at the foot of the bed. Reading material shoud be within easy reach with no danger of upsetting the apple cart.:

6 - FLANKING MIRRORS AND ART - this adds that instant 'designer look' to your bedroom.  By flanking either matching mirrors or coordinating art work on either side of the bed above the bedside tables, you get an elevated look. Plus it helps visually widen the room.

 Pretty with just a splash of color.:

7 - STORAGE WITH STYLE - we all need storage in our bedrooms but in a smaller bedroom storage is a must.  Since your storage pieces will be on display be sure to find attractive ones - a beautiful jewelry box, a dish for everyday jewelry pieces, hat boxes for belts and scarves, end tables with a drawer and an open space for reading materials are some great ideas. Under the bed is a great space for luggage or clear plastic bins for seasonal items - hide that area with a bed skirt.

Make the back of your closet the space to organize your outfit for the next day!

8 - ACCESSORIES - have a way of pulling a room together.  Accessories also are a great way to show off your taste, talents and interest.  You don't want to go over board but a few well placed accessories can go a long way! We love basics like plants, candles and photo frames but look for cool items that speak to you. We also love a great area rug to add some softness to the room plus you can get really creative with colour, pattern and texture.

No matter the size of your bedroom, it should be your oasis to escape from it all!

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